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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Protect your No Claims Discount

If you've spent years on the road without so much as a bump, you've probably got a healthy No Claims Discount (NCD) on your cover by now. And with our extra protection you can keep it that way.

What is No Claims Discount protection?

It's extra cover you can add to your insurance, for an additional cost, to keep your NCD intact. Once you've got a protected NCD, you won't automatically lose or reduce it if you make a claim. How many times you can claim without affecting your NCD depends on your insurer, and the extra protection you get.

Why protect your NCD?

There are some claims that won't affect your discount, even if you haven't got our NCD protection. Like claims for a damaged windscreen or if you're hit by an uninsured driver (as part of our uninsured driver promise).

But other claims could reduce it or wipe it out altogether. Just one mishap could mean you lose your reward for years of careful driving – and the price of your car insurance could go up. So it's definitely worth considering if you've built up a good discount.

How it works

If you've earned four or more years of NCD, you can add our NCD protection. Your NCD will then only change if you make more than two claims in three consecutive years. This table shows you how it would change.

No Claims Discount at last renewal No Claims Discount (years) at next renewal, if you make:    
  Up to 2 claims 3 claims in three consecutive years 4+ claims in 3 consecutive years
4 4 2 Nil
5 5 3 Nil
6 6 3 Nil
7 7 3 Nil
8 8 3 Nil
9+ 9 3 Nil


After a bit more detail?

Have a look in our policy document for more on how the protection works.