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Sainsbury's Bank Car Insurance

Sainsbury's Bank Car Insurance

Shaped for your needs

Your wellies and your weekly shop

With our comprehensive insurance, your personal belongings and clothes are covered. We'll pay you up to £200 if they're in your car and get stolen, lost or damaged by an accident or a fire.

We'll also give you up to £200 for your Sainsbury's shopping if it's damaged by theft, attempted theft, fire, or if you're in an accident while you're driving home from the shops.

What's not covered

There are some personal belongings we don't include. Plus we don't cover fuel and a few other things in your shopping bag, such as:

  • Stamps and vouchers
  • Items you bought or use for business
  • Anything covered by another policy
  • Anything that wasn't hidden from view in the car – except your Sainsbury's shopping, we don't expect you to keep that in the glove box!
  • Anything stolen when your car was unlocked, had the keys in it, or a window, door or roof was open
  • Laptops, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets or things like sat navs

You'll find out more about our personal belongings cover in our policy documents.

Got Essentials Comprehensive car insurance?

Our Essentials policy doesn’t include Personal Belongings insurance cover as standard.

Get more mileage from your policy

For fuss free motoring, we’ve put together some extras you can add, for an additional cost, to make your policy work harder for you -