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Loans Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to pay your Sainsbury’s Bank loan off early?

You can request an early settlement figure through our online service.

Want to change your repayment date?

No problem. You'll need to give us at least 10 business days before your next payment is due – if you don’t it won’t action until the following payment.

You can change your payment date by sending us a secure message:

  1. Log in to your online banking account. Not already registered? Register here

  2. Select 'Account Details' for your loan account

  3. Choose 'Change my payment date' from the list on the right hand side of the screen, or at the bottom of the page if you’re using a mobile phone. This will open a secure message.

  4. Tell us the date you’d like to change to (between 1st and 28th of each month).

Alternatively give us a call.

Can I make an overpayment to my loan?

If you make more than your monthly payments, we'll automatically use the overpayment to reduce the term of your loan (unless you are in arrears). If you would prefer to keep the term the same and reduce your monthly repayments going forward, you'll need to call us before you make the overpayment.

What's my balance?

You can find your balance online if you’re registered for online banking. Not registered? You can register now.

Or you can contact us and we’ll let you know what your outstanding balance is.

If you want to settle your loan in full please refer to How do I make an early repayment with Sainsbury’s Bank? above.

Can I change my Direct Debit payment date?

Once you've made your first repayment you can change your repayment date. Make sure to get in touch at least 10 working days before your next payment is due so that we can make this change in time.

You can send us a message through online banking or contact us to request this change.

How do I claim on my Payment Protection Insurance?

You can register a claim on your Payment Protection Insurance by calling us on 0345 602 9101. We're here Monday to Friday 8am–6pm. Calls may be recorded for security purposes and monitored under our quality control procedures. Calls are charged at local rates from a landline and from a mobile when calling from the UK.

Can I make a complaint regarding PPI?

Now that the PPI claims deadline of 29th August 2019 has passed, any claims need to be carried out via the small claims court.  If you'd like to talk to us about a PPI claim please call 0345 702 3839.

What should I do if I think I'm going to miss a payment?

Please get in touch as soon as you think you might not be able to make your monthly payment. Call us on 08085 40 50 60 or write to us at:

Sainsbury's Bank
PO Box 4955
BN11 9ZA

Can I change the way I pay back my loan?

You have to repay your loan by Direct Debit or by making overpayments in line with our Terms and Conditions.

If you need to change your Direct Debit details, you can do so after your first payment has been made.

Can I view my loan online?

If you applied for your loan after 10 December 2017 then you can manage your account online. If you applied before 10 December 2017 you can view your account online but need to contact us for any servicing requests. Just head to to log in or register for online banking.

How often should I get a loan statement?

You'll get an annual loan statement. It'll be posted to you around a year after you took out your loan.

If you're registered for online banking then you can look at your statement online. For quicker access to your statements and to help us help the environment, you can choose to go paperless. You can do this using online banking. Just select 'My Details' and then 'Correspondence preferences'.

If you applied for your loan before 10 December 2017

You'll get an annual loan statement on the anniversary of receipt of your new sort code and account number.

Borrowing more

If you need to borrow more, just give us a call on 0800 096 0543 and we'll be happy to discuss it with you. We’re open Monday to Friday 8am–8pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am – 6pm. Telephone calls may be recorded for security purposes and monitored under our quality control procedures. Calls are free from a landline and from a mobile when calling from the UK.