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Thinking of paying your loan off early?

Make changes to your loan

Settling your loan early

Find out how much it will cost to settle your loan(s) early. We’ll work out your early settlement figure (how much you’ll need to pay).

How it works

  • If you have come from online banking already (and still have that tab open), return to that tab. If you haven’t, log in to online banking in the usual way. If you are unable to log in you may have to clear your cookies and cache.
  • Click ‘Apply’ at the top of the page 
  • Click the option for ‘Loans’ and follow instructions for early settlement 
  • Click ‘Loans calculator’ where you can get your early settlement figure
  • Get a quoted figure on screen
  • Follow on screen instructions to pay off your loan if you wish

Before getting started, please read the below carefully:

  • If you have taken your loan out in the last 28 days or wish to refinance with us, please call our team instead to discuss your options. 
  • The settlement figure will be valid for 28 days and will include interest up to and including the date your quote expires. There may be additional interest applied to your account as per your terms and conditions.
  • We cannot provide a settlement figure for a date in the future.  
  • We’ll confirm the amount you need to pay in a secure online banking message or via post.


If you’re not registered for online banking, you can register here . You’ll need your loan account number, sort code and original loan amount so make sure you have it to hand.


Top up your loan

If instead you want to increase the amount you’ve borrowed, call our team who can let you know your options.