Car loans

Whether you choose a new or used car, a loan from Sainsbury’s Bank can help spread the cost of your purchase. Our loans are available to finance the cost of any car up to the amount of £40,000.

Why choose a car loan from Sainsbury’s Bank?

We offer:

  • A wide range of loan amounts from £1,000 - £40,000.
  • A Price Promise Guarantee†- if you’re offered a "like for like" loan that has a lower APR with another lender, we’ll beat it. Please note car dealerships are not considered a "like for like" comparison.
  • Choose to repay from 1-7 years.
  • Option of 2 month repayment holiday at the start of the loan. Interest charged between loan start date and first monthly payment.
  • Fixed monthly repayments to suit your budget.

How much can I borrow?

If you’re unsure about the amount you can afford to apply for, have a look at our guide to affording a loan. You may want to use our loan calculator to help work out how much you’ll repay in total if you choose to finance your car with a loan.

If this is the first time you’ve decided to take out a loan you might also find our loans glossary and checklist helpful.

Remember if you do choose to apply, the APR which you may be offered may vary because it will be based on your own personal circumstances and credit history. More on APRs and credit scores.

When you apply?

Once your loan has been approved, you may have the option to complete your application online without the need for paper documents. Alternatively we will post the loan agreement for you to review, sign and return.

Tips on car buying

See our guide to car buying for more information on what to look out for when buying a new or used car, haggling tips, finance options and other good resources to help with your research.

Multiple credit searches may make obtaining future credit more difficult.
*The actual rate we offer may be higher depending on your personal circumstances, credit assessment procedures and other related factors.

Find out more & apply

Price Promise Guarantee

Our Price Promise Guarantee means that if you are offered a like for like loan with a lower APR by another lender we will beat it by 0.1%. You must have qualified for our Personal Loan but must not have accepted our offer by signing and returning the loan agreement.

How to make a claim:

  • Carefully read the Price Promise Guarantee terms and conditions
  • Send a copy of the competitor loan agreement/ formal offer in the same name as your Sainsbury's loan to the address below.
  • Remember to quote your Sainsbury's loan agreement number.

Claims Address

Sainsbury's Loans
Price Promise Guarantee Claims
Loans Product Team
1st Floor
3 Lochside Avenue
Edinburgh Park
EH12 9DJ

Price Promise Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

  • The Price Promise Guarantee ("the Offer") is only available to individuals who successfully apply for (and subsequently open) a Sainsbury's Personal Loan (“the Loan”).
  • Claims under the Offer must be received within 28 days after the Sainsbury's Loan has been approved.
  • Your Sainsbury's Bank Agreement number must be provided with your written offer, otherwise we will be unable to process your price promise application.
  • Claims under the Offer will not be accepted after the Sainsbury's Loan offer has been accepted by signing and returning the Sainsbury's Loan agreement. 
  • You must provide us with a copy of a written offer from the other lender in the same name as the Loan offered by Sainsbury's. We cannot return this document, therefore it is important you retain your original loan agreement in the event your price promise claim is not approved. Your copy offer document will be securely destroyed by us.
  • A “Lower rate” means a lower Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of an alternative unsecured, fixed rate loan from a lender, compared on a “like for like” basis. We will assess “like for like” based on features such as, but not limited to, length of loan, fixed loan amount, repayment structure (including interest and set up fees (if any).
  • The Lower rate must be available to the general public and be verifiable by Sainsbury's. The Lower rate must have been offered and must still be available to you at the time of the claim.
  • A maximum of one price promise claim can be made for each Sainsbury's loan application.
  • The Offer does not apply to the following rate or loan types:

    - Loans where the funds are not available for immediate use
    - Discount rates offered only to members of groups or individuals who meet previously specified criteria;
    - Rates that are not immediately available, promotions that are not at everyday rates and products which are sold under different terms and conditions, such as special financing (i.e. dealer loans, promotional loans for specific goods) or price promise offers by competitors;
    - Loans that are secured on land, investments or goods.
    - Any personal products being charged interest at a variable rate;
    - Any personal and non personal loan type products including but not limited to lease, contract hire, hire purchase or conditional sale agreements;
    - Loan agreements where interest has been temporarily or permanently suspended (including deferred payments and 0% loans for an initial period);
    - Loan agreements where the funds are to support periods of study, or the period immediately following completion of studies (for example, student loans or graduate loans);
    - Business loans.
  • If your claim is successful we will reduce the APR on your Sainsbury's Loan to below that of the alternative lender by 0.1%. e.g. If the alternative lender formally offers you a rate of 6.9% APR, your claim is successful and 6.9% APR is lower than our rate offered we will reduce our offer rate to 6.8% APR  
  • We reserve the right to modify or cancel the Offer at any time without prior notice.