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Car Insurance

Our Guaranteed Courtesy Car Cover

A courtesy car can be a lifesaver when your car's in the garage. But if you need a car the same size as yours, you might want to think about an upgrade. That's where our Guaranteed Courtesy Car comes in.

What is Guaranteed Courtesy Car insurance?

Our comprehensive insurance comes with a small hatchback courtesy car as a standard part of your policy. You can choose to add Guaranteed Courtesy Car for an additional premium and we'll get you a car the same size as yours for either 14 or 21 days depending on which level of cover you choose. You can also add this to your Third Party, Fire and Theft policy for an extra cost.

What's covered

If you add our Guaranteed Courtesy Car option, you'll have a courtesy car to tide you over if your car is:

  • damaged in an accident or a fire
  • damaged by theft or vandalism
  • stolen and not found.

What you get

We'll give you a car with the same number of seats and the same sized boot as yours if we can. So if you're used to driving something larger than a small hatchback, our Guaranteed Courtesy Car cover might be the way forward.

We'll deliver the car to you, and you can use it for either 14 or 21 days depending on what kind of policy you've bought. We'll give you a basic level of insurance – and we'll give you the details of this when you get the car - so you'll need to make sure you're happy with that before you take to the road. The insurance will include a collision damage waiver, this means the hire company won't make you pay the costs to repair the hire car if it's damaged but there will still be an excess to pay. We'll let you know what your excess is when you get the car.

Further details can be found in our policy documents.

What's not covered

There are a few exclusions – here are a couple of the main ones to remember. You won't get the courtesy car if:

  • you're only claiming for windscreen or window damage
  • the driver is under 21.

If we're not able to get a hire vehicle for you, or if your car has been adapted to carry a disabled passenger, we'll pay you £40 per day for 14 or 21 days depending on your cover or until your own car is fixed if that's sooner.

Have a look at our policy documents for all the details.