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2013 Family blog reviews

By Money Matters Team 29/05/2013

Our favourites

Here are some great family blogs we've enjoyed reading this year:

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Family Life in Fife

All aspects of family life are covered in the delicate pages of this honest and touching blog. Follow 7-year-old Lizzy’s triumphs and defiant ambitions, while her proud mother’s crafty creations (and delightful chocolate cake recipe) are carefully documented and are particularly useful for those requiring a gluten-free diet. Family Life in Fife promises to grasp you with a true feeling of closeness from your first visit.

A Mummy’s View

This straight talking mummy tells the truths of raising her two little girls from babies and beyond. Revealing her tactics for coping with the tears and tantrums she also shares creative and innovative outdoor games in the garden, played as a family. A Mummy’s View is an informative resource including tips for lunchboxes and even losing that stubborn baby weight. It could positively transform your routines.

Another Goldfish

With a slowly growing baby bump and a productive approach to family preparation, ‘Mrs Goldfish’ is always on the go. Her pregnancy progress, knitting attempts and inspirational journey to living an eco-friendly existence, is a motivational read. We’re on the road to parenthood, with a splash of tiny clothes shopping and valuable insights into IVF, its not to be missed.

Capture by Lucy

A creative escape for blogger Lucy, the ‘Mama with a lens’, this beautiful blog is a stunning space. Capturing happy family life, her pages are full of atmospheric snaps, brimming with smiles and playtime. The escapades of her two bouncing little boys see them fishing and even energetically tripping round the garden in a wheelbarrow! Captivating and wholesome, a sweet escape.

Family Four Fun

From peaceful countryside, to the big smoke, Family Four Fun follows a large family from rural Ireland settling into the busy bustle of London life. With fun challenges - including locating the ‘real’ diagon alley and finding the entrance to the Ministry of Magic - this family accepts every new challenge London throws down. Luckily for us, we’re along for the ride and it’s full of shenanigans!

Mum of Three

Mum of Three Sarah brings her hectic schedule to life in her blog, Mum of Three World. From her youngest daughter’s ballet outfits, to running up hills on Bank Holiday Monday, she somehow finds time to share it all. Relating closely to many working mums, with an energetic brood to contend with, we share her animated personal life with giggles and intrigue.

40-Year-Old Domestic Goddess

This lady shares her tales of raising two independent children: the Teenager and the Whirlwind. Safely out of nappies and no longer in need of constant attention, she reveals the joys of spending time at home, awaiting exciting swimsuit-shaped packages and planning ambitious trips. The family excursion to the Big Apple is a great tale, where many a family adventure unfolds.

Gammon and Chips

Cheeky brother and sister duo - nicknamed ‘gammon and chips’ - are a high-spirited bundle of energy. Never too much to handle for expat Aussie and mummy blogger, Maddie, she offers support for like-minded youngsters who run to every single destination and wake up at 4am. She offers advice for ‘Surviving Long Haul Flights’ and ‘Entertaining on rainy days’.

Mabel’s Log

A glimpse into a ‘logtastic life’, this diary-blog focuses on imagined character Mabel, created by sister-in-laws Sophie and Lizzie. With an upbeat attitude, everything from family life, to food and fashion is covered, featuring only the best-of-the best. Where can you learn to perfect the classic boiled egg and craftily create a cool bandana bib from an old scarf? Mabel will show you how.

Make Do and Push

Since the arrival of Baby Beatrice, this crafty lady has been a little busy for her usual weekends of making cushions and cards. Instead, she lets the creative juices flow in the pages of this blog. Her enticing writing style and warm tales are inviting, allowing the reader to experience her Bank Holiday outings in Brighton and anniversary cocktails. With helpful advice from ‘bump to baby,’ you’ll visit again and again.

Mrs Shilts

This is the personal journey of Mrs Shilts, with frequent appearances from the hubby and a very bouncy ‘Little Mr’. This rollercoaster ride includes the joys of turning 30, work stresses and a well-documented pregnancy diary. She even gives us a few sewing tips along the way and a tour of the little man’s nursery which is filled with personalised DIY ideas.

My Life, My Son, My Way

From weddings to weight loss, My Life, My Son, My Way, is filled with girly goodness from the start. Alice is surrounded by men (including the cats), with her sons and fiancé making constant appearances throughout. With Kyd’s first trip to Thorpe Park and an impromptu family trip to the chilly Yorkshire Coast, there are adventures to be had in every post!

The Baby Wears Prada

This is a fabulous collection of little Lucie’s favourite outfits, from the cute to the shoulder-pad-tastic statements. A few favourites include saltwater sandals, groovy tights and vibrant tutus. She even has her own Fashion Week! This stylish little girl certainly knows how to rock a few different looks - even if she doesn’t actually wear Prada, there is still a touch of Stella Mccartney.

Oranges and Apples

Edinburgh blogger Franca matches her bold opinions with equally daring outfits. With a section dedicated to baby Milo - who is occasionally seen in his adorable teddy bear onesie- she gives guides to Edinburgh’s charity and vintage shops. As well as precious baby pictures, parenthood experiences and the occasional entertaining societal musing, Apples and Oranges is a whole fruit bowl of treats.

Life as the Carey’s Know It

Meet the Careys: a non-stop family of 7. This blog is a must-see for those coping with the stresses and satisfactions of raising a large (and sometimes boisterous) family. With the majority of the contingent under the age of 7, we experience everything from mum’s worries to a nostalgic account of happy family holidays, which might give you a few ideas.

London Baby

London Baby is a valuable resource for every city dweller with a child under 5. You will find free and affordable days, from outdoor paddling pools in Hyde Park, to the science museum in Kensington and family cinemas in Notting Hill. Blogger Laura explores every inch of London Town with her two little ones and shares her best discoveries with the world.


This lady is a creative mother of 8 with an eye for detail and a passion for charity work. Her beautiful blossoming garden flourishes in the gardening corner. Mammasaurus is visually stunning and will be the envy of all green fingered, home crafting and baking moguls. She shares her inspiration and expertise on a wide variety of topics from children’s meals to family photography.


Organisation is key for this mummy blogger. With carefully constructed to-do lists keeping her and the brood in check throughout the day, what could possibly go wrong? Our favourite posts are: ‘10 things I don’t know how to do’ and ‘In 10 years...’ Both articles reveal blogger Emma’s honesty and ambition and they might even inspire your own to-do lists!

Caroline, No.

Here, we find a fashionista in the midst of a move. With quips and commentary about fashion, food, music and babies, this London lady shares the experience of ‘going mumderground’ for the first time with baby Arthur. Meanwhile, she also explains how she plans to cope with the endless bags of clothes that she hoards in the attic. For wisdom and wits, Caroline’s your girl!

Misson 2 Mum

Gemma is certainly a mum on a mission, providing readers with advice and support from pregnancy, to first holidays abroad with excited toddlers. She reveals tips for entertaining energetic holiday-mode Max, sharing adorable photos as he experiences his first trip to the sun, sea and sand. All pink and polka dots, this is a must read for all first time mothers.


Lover of all things cute, Laura guides us through her life with ‘the arrival of Miss Charlotte Ruth’. Starting a new knitting business and trying to give up sugar is just a few of the challenges she faces along the way. Returning from European travels, she tells her adventurous family tales with charm and a few cupcakes thrown in for good measure.

Slugs on the Refrigerator

Atmospheric family moments and creative crochet inspiration, Slugs on the Refrigerator is known for its visual triumphs. The stunning professional photography is bound to keep you captivated for hours. Blowing bubbles and outdoor garden play with wellies are among the cutest articles. There is also a fine array of parenthood advice and baby knowledge, which all readers will relish.

Catch a Single Thought

Daydreamer and tea drinker, Jess notes down her thoughts and opinions in ‘Catch a Single Thought’. We join her, Jess and Eli along with the new puppy Alfie on their happy, family adventures. There’s unique advice for throwing a low cost woodland fairy party and making homemade bird feeders, if you’re looking for innovative family fun ideas.

Little Tin Bird

Mummy blogger Heather documents the childhood days of her son - ‘Tiny Tin Bird’ - as the little chap grows up in the Yorkshire countryside.  Family trips to the park will make you smile, as he enjoys the fresh air and Heather’s crafty ways are bound to encourage you to dig out the crochet needles.


Fly Lula is the creative outlet for a unique family of 4, with enough ideas to keep you busy for days! It’s filled to the brim with easy-to-follow tutorials and genius DIY tips for all the family; including origami butterfly headbands and ways to turn a curtain into a skirt. You’re bound to be visiting this Bristol brood’s blog on rainy days.

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