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Home improvement loans

Home improvement loans

From 6.0% APR representative for Nectar members

Apply online for a home improvement loan and borrow up to £40,000. Whether you’re upgrading your bathroom, building an extension or retiling your roof, a loan for a home improvement can help make it happen.

Use our loan calculator to get started and discover what your loan interest rates and monthly repayments could be.

Loans for home improvements

Remember the feeling when you first stepped inside your new house. What a beautiful moment realising the endless potential. Over time, your home can lose its sparkle. So, fall in love with your home again.

If you’re dreaming of a new kitchen or planning an extension, a home improvement loan from Sainsbury’s Bank could help.

Give your home the makeover it deserves. As well as making you feel house proud, a home renovation can give you extra space and may also add value to your home.

Why choose a Sainsbury’s Bank home improvement loan?

Here are just a few reasons why a home improvement loan from Sainsbury’s Bank could be right for you.

  • From 6.0% APR representative for Nectar members when you borrow £7,500 - £15,000 for 1–5 years
  • You can pay back your loan over 1-7 years (depending on your loan value) with manageable, fixed monthly instalments
  • You can borrow between £1,000 - £40,000 if you’re a Nectar member, non-Nectar members can borrow up to £25,000  
  • No application or arrangement fee
  • You could get your money in as little as 2 hours, or the next business day, if you’re accepted  
  • Our loan application is quick and easy to complete, you can sign your agreement online, and upload any documents we might need

We treat all our customers and their applications on an individual basis. The APR we offer is determined by the details you supply and the loan you are applying for, along with an independent verification of your credit and repayment history.

How do home improvement loans work?   

Home improvement loans let you borrow a fixed amount of money to spend on upgrades around your home, including:

  • Repairs
  • Renovations
  • Redecorating

The loan is paid back with interest over an agreed period of time, in monthly instalments.

A home improvement loan is a form of personal loan, which is also known as an unsecured loan. This means the loan isn’t tied to an asset, such as your property.

All quotations given are for illustrative purposes only.

To apply for a home improvement loan, you decide the amount you want to borrow and how long you would like to pay it back over. 

Using our loan calculator, you can input a few details to see an estimate of:

  • Monthly repayments you'll need to make
  • Total amount repayable
  • Illustrative APR
  • Annual interest rate

If your application is successful, you’ll receive the money once you’ve signed your loan agreement, ready to spend on making changes to your home.

How much can I borrow?

Up to £40000 if you are a Nectar Member and up to £25000 if not.  Our car loans calculator can steer you in the right direction. You can quickly work out what your monthly payments and interest rate could be – and how much you’ll repay in total.

Then using our eligibility checker, in just a few clicks, you can find how likely you are to be accepted – without harming your credit score.

All quotations given are for illustrative purposes only. Credit is subject to status.

Compare our loans

Finding the best home improvement loan will depend on the project you have in mind. You might need £3,000 to spruce up your home, £10,000 to install a beautiful new bathroom or £15,000 for an extension. 

Either way, we have something to suit your needs.

If you’ve got a question about our loans – our support section is a great place to start.

Ready to apply?

Take the time to understand how our loan terms work. Find out more about our lending criteria and the other things you should think about before applying.

If a home improvement loan sounds right for you, there are some minimum criteria you’ll need to meet. You must:

  • Be at least 18 years old on the date you apply

  • Be no older than 83 when the loan is due to be fully repaid

  • Be in permanent employment, self-employed or retired with a pension

  • Have an annual income of more than £7,500 per year

Take the time to understand how our loan terms work. Find out more about our lending criteria and the other things you should think about before applying.

Things to consider when making home improvements

Guide to home improvement

Not sure where to start? Before you jump into any major home renovation projects, there are some tips to consider. From keeping the cost down, how to get permission, inspiration and more, our guide will get you started on the right track.

How to add the most value to your home

Some home improvements can be more profitable than others and add significant value to your home. To help you decide the right home improvement project to suit you and your budget, check out our home renovation calculator.

Simply, enter your house value and compare room by room to reveal the different renovation options and see the estimated home value increase.

Need help with your home improvement?

Most home renovation and improvement projects need help from a professional tradesperson. Finding the right person for the job can be tricky. You want someone who is reliable and has the right skills, these tips from Rated People can help:

  • Carry out checks on a tradesperson you’re looking to hire

  • Check out online review sites as well as word of mouth and directories, but the checks shouldn’t stop there. For instance, ask for proof of any certifications that the tradesman claim to have and always read what previous customers have to say

  • Don’t just pay attention to positive reviews - read any negative feedback too. This will give you a fuller picture of the tradesperson you’re considering

  • For added financial protection, avoid paying in cash and pay by credit or debit card wherever possible

For more information on finding the right tradesperson, check out our visual guide.

Creating a greener home

Making your home greener is easier than you may think, and there are options for every budget. Whether you want an eco-friendly home or a smarter efficient home, we’re here to guide you.

How to apply for a home improvement loan

You can apply for a home improvement loan from Sainsbury’s Bank by following a few steps.

Step 1 – Use our loan calculator

Start by using our loan calculator. This uses our representative example* to show you what your estimated monthly repayments could be, the total amount repayable, alongside the illustrative APR and annual interest rate you may pay on your loan.

Simply enter:

  • The amount you’d like to borrow
  • How long you would like to repay the amount over
  • Your Nectar card number if you’re a Nectar member
  • If it’s a single or joint application

Step 2 – Gather your personal info and start the application

If you’re happy with the terms you could be offered, you can start your application. It’s important to read through the further information and conditions about our loans before continuing with your application.  

At this stage, it’s worth having all your personal details to hand that you’ll need to complete the application. This includes things like your:

  • Name, date of birth and nationality
  • Contact details – phone, email
  • Address and residential status
  • Marital status and co-dependents

You’ll also need to provide financial and occupational details too, such as:

  • Residential and employment status
  • Occupation and employer name
  • Annual income
  • Mortgage or rental payments
  • Banking details

Step 3 – We run checks and approvals

Once we have all the information we need from you, we’ll conduct a series of lender checks. This will include a check on your application details and credit report.

A soft credit check will happen initially, which takes a top-level view of information in your credit report – and won’t appear on your credit report. If you want to proceed, we’ll then do a hard credit check which will appear on your credit report and is an in-depth look at your financial history.

Remember, too many credit checks in a short period of time may affect your credit score and could make it harder to be approved for a loan in future.

Step 4 – Get a decision on your application

Once our checks are complete, you’ll receive a decision on whether or not your loan has been approved. If you are successful, you’ll receive a loan agreement which you’ll need to read through and sign if you’re happy to proceed.

Once we receive this back from you, the money will be deposited into the bank account that you submitted details of during your application.

Handy loan guides

Loans glossary

Our A-Z glossary sheds light on loan terms and can be used as a jargon buster

Can I afford a loan?

If you’re unsure if you can afford the loan repayments, our guide can help

More tools and guides

Everything you need to know from planning your financial future to switching loans

Frequently asked questions

How much will a home improvement loan cost?

The cost of a home improvement loan will depend on:

  • How much money you want to borrow
  • The term of the loan
  • The illustrative APR
  • Annual interest rate

It’s important to do your research around how much your home improvements will cost, to make sure that you’re borrowing the right amount for your plans.

Is a home renovation loan a good idea?

That depends on your personal circumstances. If you need a lump sum of money for house renovations, a home improvement loan could be the right way to finance this. With regular monthly repayments to make and a fixed annual interest rate, a loan may make it easier for you to fund home upgrades.

What is the difference between a home equity loan and a home improvement loan?

A home equity loan is a secured loan, while a home improvement loan is unsecured. Secured means that the loan is tied to an asset, such as your house, while unsecured loans aren’t tied to anything.

What should I consider before choosing a home renovation loan?

Before taking out a home renovation loan you should first consider if you can afford the repayments. Calculate your total income and outgoings to work out if you have the budget available to comfortably pay off the loan each month.

You may be able to pay the loan back over a longer period, which may reduce the monthly repayments you need to make, if you’re accepted for a loan.

What can’t I use my house improvement loan for?

You can’t use a home improvement loan for business purposes, purchases or deposits for buying a property, or for investments or gambling. You can see our lending criteria for a full list of things you can’t use a Sainsbury’s Bank Loan for.

Representative APR applies to loans of £7,500 - £15,000, between 1-5 years, for Nectar members. Other rates apply to other loan amounts.