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credit cards

Credit cards

Helpful guides

In our guides you’ll find more information on credit cards to help you choose the right one for you.

Guide to credit card security [PDF, 545 KB] opens in new window - A comprehensive look at credit card security, including tips for using your card safely online, how to protect your identity and scams to be aware of.

Credit cards explained [PDF, 843 KB] opens in new window - a detailed guide to buying and using a credit card including explanations of key features as well as how to stay safe making purchases online.

Guide to PIN numbers - Information on what do you do if you PIN is lost or needs changed and how to pick a secure number.

Credit card glossary - a list of definitions to commonly used credit card terms.

What is a balance transfer? - A guide to balance transfers, explaining what they are, how they're used and limits and fees that could apply.

Mastercard and Visa - What's the difference? Compare the two largest payment systems.

Guide to credit card fraud - Find out more about different types of fraud and how to protect yourself from them.

Using your credit card abroad - How to manage your credit card abroad, with tips on using it responsibly and keeping it secure.

What is phishing? - Information on how to recognise a phishing scam and what precautions to take to keep your account details safe.

ID theft - A guide to ID fraud, including information on how to protect your ID and tips to stay safe online.

Additional credit cardholders - Giving someone their own card lets you share the credit available on the account. See our guide for more details on liability, benefits and how to add cardholders to your account.

To ensure our customers have the guidance they need to make the right decisions for them, we’ll update this section on an ongoing basis.