Money Matters Team

Five ways to keep utility bills down with clever technology

By Money Matters Team 20/08/2013

If sending your son or daughter to university means you’re feeling the pinch, try these tips to keep your energy and phone bills down.

1. Use free instant messaging apps like ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘Libon’ to text message your son or daughter for free whenever you have internet connection on your phone. He or she is probably already an expert, so ask them for their help – some apps are free, others cost a nominal amount of around 69p – a snip when messages thereafter are free!

2. If you step away from your computer for a few hours, make sure you put it on sleep or hibernate mode – it’ll use far less power than leaving it on and save money on your electricity bill. Likewise, make sure you exit apps on your smartphone when you finish with them so they’re not running down your phone battery in the background.

3. Swap expensive phone calls for Skype – especially with your son or daughter or family and friends who live further away or overseas. Plus you get to video chat with them face-to-face.

4. Mobile phone tariffs don’t have to be extortionate, especially if you’re happy with your current handset. Check out the bundle plans available from Mobile by Sainsbury’s, some of which can also give you double Nectar points on top ups. Go online to find out more and for terms and conditions.

5. Invest in an energy monitor – it’ll let you know how much energy you’re using at any one time and make it easier to spot where you can cut back.

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