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Making small rooms work

By Anna Tobin 29/01/2015

Interiors' stylist Anna Tobin shows you how you can make a little room appear much larger.

Give everything a raise

In the same way that seeing under things helps to create an illusion of space, so does seeing through things. Opt for a few pieces of transparent furniture that will lead the eye further into the room.

Select multi-purpose furniture

Retailers are now realising that we want multi-tasking furniture and there is more around than ever. Look for console tables that can be transformed into eight-seater dining tables; sofas that become beds or storage portals; wall shelves that open out into desks; stools that double up as toy boxes; and, one of my favourites, pieces of art that fold out into chairs when not hanging on the wall (see here for an example).

Work those mirrors

A large mirror on the wall opposite the door to a room will make it feel double its size and also bring more light in. And if you don’t have space for a stand-alone mirror, mirrored furniture will do the same thing.

Think outside your box

Look at your home with a fresh eye and you might find that there is a redundant corner in your tiny hallway that you could fit a few little floating shelves in to take your books. You might realise that you never use that little armchair in your bedroom and that space could take a little desk instead that would be more useful; or that the empty space above your wardrobe could take pretty wicker baskets filled with those treasures you can’t part with.

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