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Plan ahead for the 2018 train fare increase - the biggest in 5 years

By Money Matters Team 19/12/2017

Saving money feels good. Saving it on essentials like train travel feels even better.

Regulated rail fares in England and Wales and regulated peak-time fares in Scotland are expected to rise by 3.6% at the start of January - the biggest rise since 2013. No need to stress though, we've built a convenient trainflation calculator to help you work out how much you could save on your season ticket.

Enter your current train ticket cost below to find out your estimated savings if you buy before January 2018.

But don't worry if you have to wait until next year, you could still save money by purchasing a season ticket (which typically gives you a 10% saving) using a 0% interest credit card. This means you can pay the lump sum now and the rest over time - just remember to clear the balance before the interest free period ends!

Beat the increase, save some money and sit back and enjoy your journey.


Estimated 2018 ticket costs are calculated based on a 3.6% rise in regulated rail fares in England and Wales and regulated peak-time fares in Scotland, due to take effect from January 2018 (if implemented fully in line with RPI).
Historic ticket estimates are calculated based on Office of Rail and Road Rail Fares Index – standard class unregulated across all operators.

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