What has changed

From 11th April 2015, customers shopping in Sainsbury's with a Nectar card collect 1 point per £1, compared to 2 points per £1 previously. This change allows Sainsbury's to offer bigger and better bonus events – like 10X points on fuel, Swipe to Win and Double Up offers, to help customers make the most of their points. There is no change to Nectar points collected on fuel - this remains at 1 point per litre.

Sainsbury’s Bank offers customers a variety of financial products, with differing Nectar promotions. Many Sainsbury’s Bank customers enjoy a Double Nectar points promotion on their base points from Sainsbury’s, when purchasing a Bank product. Existing Bank customers will continue to receive points in line with their terms and conditions.

Nectar has changed for all Sainsbury’s customers, which means that the way our Bank customers accrue points when they use their Nectar card in store has changed too.

On certain financial products, when we’ve entered into a fixed term, two year Double point promotion with customers, this will continue and we will not be changing terms and conditions as a result. Customers should consult the terms and conditions of their Sainsbury’s Bank product and contact us if they have any questions.

Nothing will change for you - if you purchase an insurance product or applied for a Shopper Reward on or before 31st December 2014, with a Double Nectar promotion, you will continue to receive points in line with the terms and conditions for the two year promotional period.

Insurance policies starting on or after 1st January 2015 with a Double Nectar promotion will collect 4 points per £1 until 10th April 2015, from 11th April 2015 they will change to the new base point level at Sainsbury’s and receive 2 points per £1. Qualifying products taken out on or after 11th April 2015 will collect 2 points per £1 for the duration of their Double Nectar promotion.

We offer a wide range of credit cards, with differing features and offers. Where we have a specific agreement in place with customers to award a certain number of points per pound this will continue.

If your credit card currently awards 2 points per £1 spent in store, this will continue at 2 points per £1.

No - this will remain the same. The amount of the points awarded and the value is the same.

From 11th April 2015, Sainsbury’s Nectar is changing from 2 points per £1 to 1 point per £1. New customers will change to the new base point mechanic from 11th April 2015.

Please contact Sainsbury’s Bank. Visit our contact us section for individual product phone numbers.

No. Your points are worth exactly the same. For example, 500 points on your Nectar card still has a value of £2.50.

No, the points on your Nectar card will not change and their value is unaffected.

From 11th April 2015, customers shopping in Sainsbury's with a Nectar Card collect 1 point per £1, compared to 2 points per £1 previously. Customers have told Sainsbury’s that they really value the bonus events, so they plan to launch more of these, such as 10x points on fuel (that’s 10 points per litre of fuel, equivalent to 5p a litre). Sainsbury’s also plan to run Double Up events on a wider range of products including toys, entertainment, seasonal, electrical, home & clothing. Sainsbury’s will be rolling out the changes from 11th April 2015 with new offers over the course of the year. Sainsbury’s are letting customers know now so that it’s clear what changes they are making.

Nectar has been a valued partner of Sainsbury’s for 12 years. 16 million Nectar cardholders regularly shop with Sainsbury’s and it’s an important part of our customer offer. Sainsbury’s are now taking a look at how the scheme works to ensure our customers enjoy the maximum benefit from the partnership.