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Bike cover away from home

Out in the sticks, free-wheeling down a quiet country lane, on the lookout for a nice pub for lunch. That makes for a great day out. But what if, while you're enjoying your perfect ploughman's, someone ruins your day by stealing your bike? That's where bike cover could be handy.

What is bike cover away from home?

It covers your bike while you're out and about. Most home insurance contents cover will cover your bike when it's on your property. If you also want to cover it away from home you can add extra cover to your insurance.

What we cover

If you've got our contents insurance, your bike is protected when it's on your property. And when you add our optional extra Personal Possessions Cover, for an additional cost, you can choose to cover your and your family's bikes while you're out on the road with them. If they're stolen, lost or accidentally damaged, we'll pay up to £1,000 for each bike. Is your bike worth more than £1,000? Just tell us this when you’re getting your quote and we can cover it for more.

What's not covered

There are a few things we don't cover. Have a look in your policy document for all the details, but here are the main things to remember.

You're not covered:

  • For any bikes you don't own or are not responsible for
  • When you're using your bike for racing, rallies, pacemaking or trials
  • If your bike is stolen when it's unattended – unless it's in a locked building or locked up securely to a fixed structure
  • If your bike is damaged or lost it while it's being cleaned, repaired or restored.