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Sainsbury's Bank

Important information about your balance transfer

Thanks for transferring a balance to your Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card. When you completed your request, we gave you some important information about the balance transfer.  You can find a copy of that information here.



If you make your balance transfer request online or via the mobile app, you’ll be shown details including your balance transfer interest rate and any transfer fee in the section ’Your balance transfer details’. After the balance transfer is applied to your account, you will also be able to see these details on your credit card statements.

The amount of any balance transfer you make will depend on the credit available on your card. Each balance transfer must be for a minimum of £100.The total amount of the balance to be transferred must not exceed 95% of your available Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card limit, taking into account your existing balance.

A balance transfer fee will be charged and it’ll be shown under ‘Your balance transfer details’ when you make your request. It’ll also be on your next statement after the transfer. The balance transfer fee may not show against your available balance for up to 2 working days from your request. Please take this into account when using your card.  

You can only transfer a balance from a card that is in your name and registered at your current address.

Although we can transfer balances from most credit cards, we can’t transfer balances from some store cards, charge cards, and also some credit cards (e.g. other cards issued by Sainsbury’s Bank). Also, balance transfers can’t be made from loan companies and bank accounts.

All transfers are subject to our approval. We may need to call you for more information before proceeding. Once approved, we should receive your balance transfer on the next working day, although occasionally it may take longer if we need to make further validation checks. 

Balance transfers are also subject to your credit card terms and conditions.  If you breach these terms and conditions, for example if you fail to make at least your minimum monthly repayment by the payment due date or if you exceed your available credit limit at any time, your credit file may be impacted as a result.

Helpful information on your balance transfer

You should continue to make payments to your other card issuer until your balance transfer request is processed and they receive payment from us.

If you don’t pay off the full outstanding balance each month, any payments you make will be used first to pay off any transactions on which we charge the highest interest rate, then those charged at the next highest rate, and so on down to the lowest rate of interest.