Home Insurance - Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

If you are an office-based worker and need to work from home because of government advice or because you need to self-isolate, your home insurance cover won’t be affected. You don’t need to contact us to update your cover unless:

  • You have visitors in your house on business matters, for example, face to face client meetings.
  • Your business makes or sells goods from home or you store business items at home, particularly if the goods valuable or include hazardous or flammable material (such as gas cylinders or fireworks).
  • If you are offering any other services from your home. For example, this would apply to jobs such as providing beauty treatments, hairdressing, child minding, dog grooming or being an exercise instructor.
  • You have adapted your property (i.e. using an outbuilding as your home office or have undertaken any major renovation works) or acquired new business equipment that belongs to you. Cover for any business equipment (i.e. laptop) will usually be the employer’s responsibility but check with your employer if unsure.
  • You have established, or are planning to establish, a business from home during the pandemic, or have moved the running of your business to your home premises.

Sainsbury's Bank contents insurance will cover you for loss or damage to business equipment, used for clerical business purposes, while in your home if caused by an insured event.

Please note, non-clerical business equipment won't be covered. In most cases your employer will have insurance for this.

We understand during these unprecedented times that some people may need additional support and care.You don't need to contact us if you have additional long-stay guests. This advice is subject to change depending on the length of time that Government require the current social distancing requirements.

We understand that some customers may be away from home longer than intended. If your home is likely to be unoccupied for more than 60 days, please contact our customer service team.

Sainsbury's Bank and our insurers work closely with service providers to do everything possible in these challenging circumstances to continue to handle claims and support our customers. We recognise there will be many customers who will need additional support and insurers will prioritise those in vulnerable circumstances.