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Sainsbury's Bank

Car and Home insurance FAQs

From January 2022, the FCA is introducing changes that will impact all car and home insurance customers. At Sainsbury’s Bank, along with the rest of the industry, we’ll be making changes to make sure that existing customers will be charged no more than a new customer. This means that the price you see on your renewal invite will be no more than the price that you’ll see if you get a new quote from us, subject to no change being made to the policy. There will be no changes made to the features and benefits of our policies.

I got a new quote and it's different to the price on my renewal invitation, why is that?

There are some situations which could mean your renewal price may differ from a new quote. For example, using different details when getting a new quote or purchasing your policy in a different way (e.g. you originally purchased your policy through a price comparison website but requoted directly through our website).

Does this mean my price will remain the same each year?

No, your price can still change from year to year for a variety of reasons, such changes in the costs associated with your policy or market inflation. However, the price offered to you at renewal will be no more than the price we would offer you if you purchased a new policy.

Will my policy change?

No, these changes impact the price of the policy only.

What if I make a change to my policy?

If you make a change to your policy, your premium may change to reflect this. However, we’ll make sure that when your policy is due for renewal, the updated price will be no more than if you chose to get a new quote from us. 

I got Nectar points when I purchased my policy, will I get these again when I renew?

If you received points when you first purchased your policy and we have a comparable offer for new customers, then you will also receive these points as a new customer would. 

Do you charge the same APR for new and renewing customers?

Yes, you would be charged the same APR if you’re a new or renewing customer, subject to no change being made to the policy.

How do I change my auto renewal preference?

The easiest, and quickest way to change your auto renewal preference is via our portal. You can also do this by writing to us or calling our contact centre.