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Are we nearly there yet?

By Amy Bonifas 25/06/2015

Are we nearly there yet?

Top tips for keeping the kids entertained on a long journey.

Whether you’re holidaying on Cornwall’s sandy beaches or spending a weekend in the rugged Norfolk Broads, keeping the children entertained on the way there can be a tough job. Cramped conditions, fuzzy radio reception and uninspiring motorway views – it’s a recipe for boredom and that inevitable question, ‘are we nearly there yet?’

But have no fear; an endless game of ‘I spy’ isn’t the only solution. Here are some more creative ideas to help keep everyone happy …

Mix it up with a mix tape

Rather than fighting over the in-car music, let each of the passengers choose two or three of their favourite songs to make a pick 'n' mix playlist with enough hits for everyone to sing along to.

Encourage mini journalists

Children tend to shine when given responsibility, so hand them a camera to make their own road trip movie. They could use a digital one for kids, a GoPro or even just the camera on your phone (depending on your budget). This could work with travel journals, too: ask them questions along the way to spark ideas, such as ‘What’s the first thing you’ll do when we get to the beach?’.

Get crafty before the journey

Simply plying your children with their favourite reads and a crayon set won’t keep them inspired for long. Instead make each of your kids their own activity kit before you set off. Keep it simple by filling a plastic folder with a couple of choice tasks – such as activity books, printable travel games or playing cards – tailoring the packs to each one’s personality.

Treat them to some screen time

To make that last gruelling hour of the trip fly by, a handy tablet could be the solution. There are lots of great value gadgets on the market so you don’t have to shell out a fortune. And, with headphone splitters and headrest mounts, everyone on the backseat can plug in and lose themselves in Paddington.

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