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Visual guide to keeping your money safe abroad

By Money Matters Team 23/11/2015

Planning a holiday? Our visual guide to keeping your money and valuables safe abroad can help you prepare, for extra peace of mind.

Whether you are jetting off to a sunny beach, or jumping on a train to explore a new city, holidays are all about relaxing, spending time with your loved ones and recharging your batteries.

However, travelling across borders usually involves bringing passports and foreign currencies, as well as navigating areas and cultures you may be unfamiliar with.

Our fun guide to keeping your money safe abroad provides handy tips on how to look after money, cards, valuable items and travel documentation while away - and what to do if something is lost or stolen.

Visual guide to keeping your money safe abroad

If you want more detailed information, check out our PDF guide to keeping your money safe abroad. You might also want to consider other travel-related issues before you go, like how to deal with flight disruptions.

Take a look at our travel insurance guides page for more helpful travel advice.

Have a great trip!

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