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Turn long car trips into epic adventures

By Money Matters Team 13/08/2020

A road trip to a UK holiday destination is more attractive than ever. However, your kids’ youthful enthusiasm can turn car journeys into trials of endurance. Sitting patiently and quietly watching the world go by isn’t something that comes naturally to your average schoolkid. And choruses of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ will be more frequent than the uninspiring motorway bridges that pass overhead.

But don’t worry, earplugs aren’t the only answer. Here are some clever, family-friendly ideas to make sure you all arrive in the holiday mood.

Music to your ears

Rather than hunting for a non-existent radio station that keeps everyone happy – let everyone in the car pick two or three of their favourite songs. Then make up a holiday playlist that everyone can sing along to – and make sure you keep it as a special souvenir of that particular trip.

Find an audiobook

There are thousands to choose from and many appeal to children and adults alike – think Harry Potter, His Dark Materials or old classics like Treasure Island and Alice in Wonderland. Many audiobook libraries offer free trials and books can easily last 20 hours – long enough to drive anywhere in Britain and back again!

Make a movie

Try handing the kids some responsibility and a camera. They’ll love both. And it’ll bring out the budding director in them as they make their very own road trip movie. The footage can be a video diary of everyone’s thoughts and expectations – and will be something that’s fun to look back on in years to come.

Crafty thinking

Plan ahead and prepare some arty activities before the journey gets underway. Books and colouring-in books won’t cut it for a seven hour expedition across the country. Instead, make up a personal activity kit for each of your kids – based on their favourite hobbies. But keep it simple by filling a plastic folder with a couple of fun tasks – such as activity books, travel games or playing cards.

Watch a movie

Keep this up you sleeve as a last resort – or to entertain them in that nose-to-tail traffic jam that Google Maps didn’t warn you about in time. A handy tablet makes a perfectly portable home cinema experience. And, with headphone splitters and headrest mounts, everyone on the backseat can lose themselves in a movie without disturbing you from the road ahead.

We hope that’s given you some food for thought and wish you happy travels wherever you’re going.

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