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How to have the best staycation road trip ever

By Money Matters Team 16/04/2018

Does the thought of dragging yourself through airport security, an uncomfortable plane journey and an overpriced taxi ride fill you with fear? Then maybe it’s time to switch up your holiday options and opt for a staycation in the UK instead.

Whether you fancy a coastal retreat, a city break or a rural trip; the UK has it all. And with 47 million staycations last year, there’s never been a better time to put the passport away and discover what the UK has to offer.

Tempted to get behind the wheel? These are our top tips for your next staycation.

Map it out

Plan the route you’ll take before you leave home and listen out for traffic updates on a local radio station once you’ve set off. Prefer to listen to your own tunes? Then you could try downloading an app like Google Maps Traffic View or Beat the Traffic to help you avoid traffic jams on the way. And just in case your trusty SatNav fails you, pack a paper map so that you don’t find yourself lost or trying to go the wrong way down a one way street.

Get excited

Whether you’re taking a solo trip or packing the family up for a week away, it’s important to get excited. Just because you’re not getting on a plane and heading to a different time zone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get excited! Mark your holiday dates on the calendar and start a daily countdown on your fridge or download a countdown app for your phone. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the number of days until your holiday get smaller and smaller.

Plus, get planning well in advance to enjoy as much pre-holiday excitement as you can. Research top tourist spots in the area you’re visiting and ask around to see if your friends or family have any recommendations for where to visit while you’re away.

Plan your entertainment

If you’re travelling with children then downloading a bunch of their favourite films and TV shows in advance is a sure-fire way to keep them happy for most of the journey. It’s also a good idea to pack a portable power bank to charge any devices you or your passengers are using. And if you’ll be using your phone to navigate then you should think about investing in a car power adapter – that way you can charge your phone directly from your car’s cigarette lighter.

Keep up holiday traditions

If one of your favourite things about a holiday abroad is reading a brand new book on the beach, eating like a king at the all-inclusive buffet or even picking up unique souvenirs, then be sure to replicate that on your UK staycation. You can still enjoy a new book without the sunshine and you don’t need a hotel buffet to enjoy a feast every day. If you want to keep costs down, pop to the supermarket and pick out your own feast or just head to a local all-you-can-eat restaurant for that authentic buffet experience.

And if you’re taking children with you, keep all the same holiday rules as you usually do. So later bedtimes, junk food and fewer cleaning duties are all totally OK.

Stay local

Skip the chain hotels and stay in a nearby B&B instead. They’re much cosier and your B&B host will be a great source of information on the local area. You’ll get the inside scoop on everything from the quietest times to visit popular tourist attractions to the tastiest local grub in town. And you’ll get a daily cooked breakfast to boot – what’s not to like?

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