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Tighten up your travel costs

By Ruth Walker 28/04/2014

While holidaying in a foreign land is a great way to unwind, getting there is rarely a relaxing, or cheap, process. Ruth Walker shares her hints and tips on keeping your big trip within budget.

When you’re at holiday-planning stage, taking the time to investigate what’s on offer is key to saving money.

Package deals aren’t always the cheapest solution – try looking for flights first, then find accommodation that fits in with the cheapest airfares. For a simple flight comparison website, try Opodo and if possible, be flexible with the days you can fly.

Budget airlines are great if you travel light. But if you have a family’s worth of baggage and are flying out around mealtimes, all those extra charges can add up. Factor those costs in and you might find a national carrier that doesn’t charge for these things might be cheaper.

Similarly, it’s important to consider the time of day you fly – while flights that leave/arrive in the wee hours may be cheaper, if public transport isn’t running at that time you may have to shell out for expensive taxis to get to and from airports.

Remember that there are still liquid restrictions for air travel – judging from the bins before security, a lot of people forget. Save yourself money by packing all liquids over 100ml in your checked luggage – dumping a nearly full bottle of Chanel No 5 will break your heart, and your budget.

Travel insurance is essential if you find you require medical treatment while you’re away, especially if you’re in the US, where medical costs can be unbelievably high. If you travel a lot, an annual insurance plan is often best value for money.

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