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Wedding Spending 2014 Revealed

By Money Matters Team 13/02/2015

Ever wondered how much the average couple spent on their wedding in 2014? Read our guide to find out what their top 10 expenses were, and more.

Did you know that in 2014, couples spent over £150 more to hire a band for their wedding than the year before? Our infographic uncovers their biggest spends, as well as which countries have made the most generous gift-givers!

Wedding spending infographic

With rising costs and an extensive list of things to consider for that dream wedding, it can be a good idea to budget. For ways to save money ahead of the event, take a look at our budgeting guide.

Budgeting alone, however, may not cover all the costs. To pay for the big day, you may get help from your family, or you might be considering other options such as a loan for your wedding.

Still undecided about your wedding location? Marrying abroad is becoming more popular, as it can be a cheaper option. Find out more in our guide to getting married abroad.

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