Veterinary Fees Cover

Pets can be an important part of our lives so it’s reassuring to know that if they become ill, the cost of treatment is taken care of. To this end, Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance offers cover for veterinary fees as standard with varying levels of protection.

What is covered?

Sainsbury’s Bank will consider the cost of treatment for your pet if it has suffered any injury or illness. Depending on the level of your cover, each separate and unrelated illness or injury is covered up to the following:

  • £3000 for Standard plan policyholders
  • £7500 for Premier plan policyholders
  • £13,000 for Premier Plus plan policyholders

The above includes the following treatment when endorsed by your vet:

  • Complementary treatment such as acupuncture or homeopathy carried out by a vet (up to £500 for Standard policyholders, £1000 under the Premier Plan and £1500 under the Premier Plus plan)
  • Physiotherapy (up to £500 for Standard policyholders, £1000 under the Premier Plan and £1500 under the Premier Plus plan)
  • Treatment for a behavioural illness (up to £250 for Standard and Premier Plan policyholders, and £400 under the Premier Plus plan)

Significant exclusions

  • Your insurance will not cover any illness which occurs in the first 14 days of your pet’s first policy year or any pre-existing conditions. If your pet was injured or ill at any point before the policy began, costs for treatment relating to the previous injury or illness will not be covered.
  • Our Standard policy covers each injury or illness for 12 months up to the cost of £3000. The 12 months begin on the date your pet first receives treatment for injury or illness. After this time, Sainsbury’s Bank will not pay for that or any related injury or illness
  • Under our Premier and Premier Plus policies, providing you continue to renew your policy without a break in cover, you can claim up to the Veterinary Fees limit stated above for each separate and unrelated injury and illness during the lifetime of your pet. After the limit is reached, Sainsbury’s Bank will not pay any other claims for that or any related injury or illness.
  • Your policy covers the cost of treatment for dental injury or illness providing a dental examination was carried out by a vet within 12 months of the injury occurring or the illness first being noticed.

For further details on exclusions to your pet cover, please see the policy booklet.

How to claim

Before making a claim, consult your Certificate of Insurance and policy documents to ensure you are clear on when a claim can be made.

The appropriate claim form can be downloaded from the Sainsbury’s Bank website or you can request forms by calling 0808 172 6471. Telephone lines are open 8am - 8pm (Mon-Fri), 9am - 5pm (Sat) but closed every Sunday. An out of hours service is also available which allows you to leave a message and request a call back.

On receipt of the completed form, we will assess your claim and send a cheque if the claim is approved. An excess may apply. For more information on the applicable excess please refer to your Certificate of Insurance.

Claims evidence

If you wish to make a claim on your pet insurance policy, Sainsbury’s Bank will require the following pieces of evidence:

  • A completed claim form and the invoices from the veterinary practice which show what you are claiming for
  • The first claim submitted to us for your pet must include a full clinical history i.e. a record of all previous visits your pet has made to the vet.