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Fixed Rate Saver - Choose length of term

We must receive your full deposit within 30 days of opening your account. We can't accept any deposits after 30 days. You cannot make withdrawals from this account at any time and you cannot close it during the term. If you think you may need access to your funds during the term a fixed deposit may not be the right savings product for you.

Choose the length of term for your Fixed Rate Saver from the table below:

Term For balance between AER/gross p.a. Select term
1 year £5,000 - £1,000,000 1.70%

1 year

2 years £5,000 - £1,000,000 2.10% 2 years
3 years £5,000 - £1,000,000 2.15% 3 years
4 years £5,000 - £1,000,000 2.20% 4 years
5 years £5,000 - £1,000,000 2.30% 5 years


Limited to 1 Fixed Rate Saver account per person per term in any 30 day period.

Unfortunately due to changes in regulation, we are unable to accept applications if you are resident overseas or in a crown dependency territory.

AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if paid and compounded once each year. Gross interest is the interest rate paid with out the deduction of income tax. 

Fixed Rate Saver terms and conditions

Please read:

You can download and print the terms and conditions document with Adobe Acrobat Reader - Get Adobe Reader.