Power of Attorney

If you want to open or manage a savings account on behalf of someone else, here’s what you need to do.

I want to act as Attorney on an existing account holder’s savings account. What documents do I need to send you?

To be registered as Attorney on someone else’s account, we need sight of the original or certified copy of the legal document that confirms this, e.g. a Power of Attorney. We also need you to complete a registration form, which you can download from our website or we can arrange to send one to you. Please send this to us along with two pieces of identification (unless you are already an existing customer with us). You can find out what identification we accept here.

Can more than one person be registered as an Attorney on an account?

We can only register one Attorney on a savings account, so you will need to decide who you want to operate the account. If your legal document (Power of Attorney) states that you have "joint" access, the other Attorney will need to provide us with a letter confirming they are happy for you to act on the account holder’s account without them.

Once I’m registered as an Attorney on an account holder’s savings account - can that person still access their account?

Normally, when a Power of Attorney is in place, the account holder will still be able to manage their account online and via the phone unless there had been a specific request made to restrict that access. This is different for a Court of Protection order where a Guardian would have sole access and the account holder would be blocked from accessing their accounts.

I am the Attorney on someone else’s savings account and I need to prevent them from accessing their account, how can I do this?

We need you to send the legal document that confirms that the customer should no longer have access to their account. Once we have received and checked the documentation we will restrict the account holder’s access to their account.

I am Attorney for an existing account holder and I want to open a new account for them - how do I do this?

If there is already a Power of Attorney registered on a Sainsbury’s Bank savings account, you can call us on 08085 40 50 60* and we’ll complete an application for an additional account with you on the phone.

How do I open a new Sainsbury’s Bank savings account as an Attorney?

If you are both new customers to Sainsbury’s Bank, please call us on 08085 40 50 60* and we’ll complete an application with you on the phone. If the account holder is already an existing customer we’ll need confirmation on the phone from them that they are happy for you to manage their account on their behalf. If they can’t confirm this on the phone, then you’ll need to complete a Power of Attorney savings account application form which you can download from our website or alternatively, we can send one to you.

I'm Attorney on an account and the account holder has passed away - can I still operate the account?

No, once we are made aware that the account holder has passed, your attorney status will end. We will then only be able to discuss the account with the executors.

There has been a change in circumstances and I am no longer an Attorney for an account holder - how do I remove myself from the account?

We will need you to send us a signed disclaimer confirming you're to be removed as the Attorney on the account. If a new Attorney is to be registered, a registration form will need to be completed by them. This can be downloaded from our website, or they can contact us, and we will post a copy of the form to them.

Where do I send my documents?

Sainsbury's Bank
PO Box 4953
BN11 9ZA.

Can I access the account online?

Yes you can. Just register for online banking and you can add the account you are registered on as Attorney to your online portfolio.

*Telephone calls may be recorded for security purposes and monitored under our quality control procedures. Calls are free from a landline and from a mobile when calling from the UK.