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The best Greek islands for couples

The Greek islands, with their sun kissed coastlines, sandy beaches and ancient ruins are perfect for a beautiful romantic getaway. Discover the best Greek islands for couples with Sainsbury’s Bank.

The best islands to visit in Greece for couples 

Depending on what kind of vibe you're looking for, there’s a Greek island to suit every type of couple. Your interests will help decide where you want to visit with your other half. From party scenes to forested hills, see our breakdown of some of the most popular islands.


Santorini is a couple’s paradise. Walk amongst its whitewashed villages, feel the breeze roll in cliffside from the coast, and enjoy an unforgettable sunset above the blue-domed churches on this world-famous island.


Mykonos is a cosmopolitan dream, with charming streets filled with independent shops. From the shoreline to the sand, Mykonos’ authentic island lifestyle is met by an internationally recognised party scene. Classy restaurants and celebrity DJs make Mykonos an island paradise and luxury nightlife destination.


Visit Naxos for a treasure trove of long, sandy beaches, with a more relaxed vibe that reflects a slower paced island life. With ideal wind conditions and crystal waters, Naxos is perfect for kitesurfing and windsurfing, making it one of the best Greek islands for active couples.


Skiathos’ greenery sets it apart from many other of the Greek islands, without missing out on the golden beaches – over 60 of them, in fact. Step out into the forested hills, or down to the aquamarine waters in this beautiful, romantic destination. Then, celebrate after dark in Skiathos Town.


Crete is amongst the most famous of the Greek islands, its popularity is due to the sheer number of things to do – as you’d expect from the largest island in Greece. Enjoy the culture of old towns, choose from a vast selection of beaches, ascend mountains, and discover the fascinating history of this Greek island.

The best restaurants, beaches and sightseeing for couples in the Greek Islands

Best beaches for couples in Greece

There’s no shortage of incredible beaches amongst the Greek islands, but these are three of our favourites:

  • Psarou Beach, Mykonos. Tucked away in a tiny bay, this Mykonos beach is a great getaway for couples. Soft sand, crystal clear waters, and shelter from the wind makes this a trendy, comfortable beach to lounge in.
  • Red Beach, Santorini. Discover this volcanic sea safari, with unique marine life, perfect snorkelling and its signature red sands. 
  • Elafonisi Beach, Crete. Turquoise waves lazily crash upon pink shores here. Wait until the evening, and watch the sky meet the sand as the sun goes down.

Sightseeing for couples in Greece

There’s more to Greek islands than just the beaches, whether you’re after romance, history, or adventure (or a little bit of everything). Here are some must-visit places in Greece for couples to explore and sightsee:

  • Little Venice, Mykonos. Mykonos is one of the best Greek islands for couples already, but Little Venice takes that further. Venture to a neighbourhood of tiny, cobbled streets and boutique shops. 
  • Diktaion Andron Cave, Crete. Descend into the cradle of the God of the Sky and explore beneath the stalagmites. Diktaion Andron Cave holds both natural and religious mysteries of an ancient world.
  • Skaros Rock, Santorini. Take a walk along this defined trail to find the few remnants of an old, crumbling castle, and more importantly, the incredible cliff-side vistas. Grab a snap alongside the Skaros Rock and listen to the waves crash.

Over the years, some of the Greek islands have become more luxurious. Places like Mykonos and Santorini feature plush resorts and fine dining, which means they could be suited for romantic honeymoons in the Greek islands. Whatever your choice, the Greek islands have no shortage of beauty or activities.

Best time to visit Greece for couples

The months of late May and September offer sunshine but milder temperatures making them a great time to visit.

During the summer months the Greek islands can get pretty hot with the warmest weather experienced in July and August where temperatures can climb to over 30 degrees. 

The Greek islands are a popular choice for couples, but also families. If you want to avoid the rush of children on the beach on your romantic getaway, then you may want to avoid visiting during the European school holidays in July and August. 

Currency for visiting the Greek islands

You’ll need Euros for exploring the Greek islands. You can exchange GBP to EUR with Sainsbury’s Bank. Buy your currency instore, online or by phone. Find out how many euros you’ll get to the pound with our currency converter.

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It’s best to take a mixture of cash and card to the Greek islands. While most places take card these days, cash can be handy for paying for things in less touristy areas.   

Travel insurance for Greece

Before you head off on your romantic break, make sure you have travel insurance to protect you and your partner. 

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Which is the nicest Greek island for couples?

The best Greek islands for couples depends on your preferences. But if you’re looking for something romantic and luxurious, then Mykonos and Santorini can make for a beautiful escape.

Which is the most romantic place in Greece?

There are many romantic sites in Greece, but Thira in Santorini, Little Venice in Mykonos, and the Blue Caves in Zante are all perfect locations for honeymooning or romantic adventuring.

What is the best island in Greece for older couples?

The best island for you depends on what you’re looking for from your trip. Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu and Mykonos are some of the most popular islands for older couples. These destinations are usually a bit more sophisticated, though you can still find plenty of bars, restaurants and atmosphere. Don’t let this list stop you though, do your research and learn what different parts of the island offer.