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The best Greek islands for solo travelling

There’s a Greek island suited to everyone depending on your interests. Test the limits of your landscape photography in scenic Santorini, explore ancient temples in Crete, or explore the sunken, turquoise caves of Zante. Whatever your passions, the islands in Greece are ideal for solo travelling.

What are some of the best Greek islands for solo travel? 

With awe-inspiring vistas, almost limitless choice, and friendly locals, you won’t be short on things to do or people to meet in Greece. If you’re unsure which Greek island would be best for you, it depends: what you want to get out of your holiday, how long you have, and what is your budget? All these factors might impact where you choose to visit. 

Below are some of the islands you might want to add to your itinerary for a solo adventure.


Santorini might be popular with couples lounging on beaches, but “the Wine Island” makes for a luxurious, picture-perfect solo holiday to Greece. Santorini stands as one of Greece’s most recognisable islands, with whitewashed houses on rugged cliffsides overlooking azure waters. Lounge in luxury, tread the black sand beaches, or conquer Santorini’s rugged mountains.


As the largest and most populated island in Greece, Crete has a little bit of everything, making it one of the best Greek islands for solo travellers. Whether you’re looking to catch a bit of sun and surf, go on a Mediterranean hike, or looking to uncover the story behind ancient ruins and temples, Crete has it all in abundance. Hire a car while you’re there to explore every inch of the island. 


Zante may have a reputation as a party island – but that’s mostly restricted to the resort of Laganas. Look a bit further, and you’ll uncover an island full of near-tropical vegetation, golden beaches, mysterious sea caves and turquoise water. Settle your wanderlust on Zakynthos and experience what could be one of the best solo holidays in Greece for those who love adventure and natural wonder. And, if you want to party – the nightlife is there too.


If you’re looking to experience a bit of history beyond ancient Greece, Kos is rich with old architecture and museums. Ascend to the top of medieval castles or dig up history at the archaeological museum. Once you’re done, there’s no shortage of beaches where you can kick off your flip flops and settle on the sands with a good book. 

If you want to scope out the mainland, visiting Athens before or after your solo trip of the Greek islands is a great idea. With so much history and culture packed in one place, the current capital (and once ancient heart) of Greece remains a great place for solo holidays and trips, too.

Greek island hopping for solo travellers 

For those travelling solo, island hopping in Greece on a boat trip is among the most popular ways to experience Greek islands. After all, with so many little pockets of paradise to pick from, why settle for just one? 

Hop aboard a boat and enjoy a short, seafaring trip between island visits, giving you a chance to soak in the sun as well as the vistas. With so many travel operators running boat trips through summer to the different Greek islands, it’s a perfect way for solo travellers to see many different areas. Boat trips are also a great way to meet new people in the downtime – and who knows how that could change your adventure?

Best time to visit Greece for solo travellers

Greece in the height of summer is much hotter than the UK, which might be what you’re looking for. But if you want the sweet spot where it’s warm enough to sunbathe but still comfortable enough to go sightseeing, it may be better to visit during May or September. It all depends on your circumstances and what you want to get out of your holiday.

Visiting outside of the school holidays doesn’t just come with the benefit of avoiding families on crowded beaches – flights and accommodation can also be cheaper outside of peak time. That means a quieter solo trip, and a cheaper one. The hottest months to visit are July and August when temperatures reach 30 degrees or more.

Currency for visiting the Greek islands 

Once you’ve booked your solo trip to the Greek islands, it’s time to prepare. In Greece, the currency used is EUR – that means you’ll want to convert your pounds into euros. You can order currency with Sainsbury’s Bank in-person at one of our bureaux, online or by phone. And don’t forget, Nectar members get better rates.

When you visit Greece, it’s worth taking a mixture of both cash and a travel money card. While a lot of places accept card in Greece, having euros can be handy. 

If you want a secure way to pay by card while on holiday, the Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Money Card is a great option. Simply load it up to pay on the go, withdraw from ATMs and manage your spending through the app. 

Travel insurance for your trip to Greece

Before you head off on your Grecian adventure it’s important to make sure you have travel insurance to cover you against any potential mishaps that could happen along the way.

Sainsbury’s Bank offers a range of single, multi and extended trip policies – with optional extras for the ultimate in travel protection.


Which Greek island is most solo friendly?

There are many Greek islands suited to solo travel – it all depends on what you’re looking for. Many people take to island hopping, so they can see all that the Greek islands have to offer. From Santorini to Corfu – see what works best for you.

Which island is best for single female travellers?

Most of the Greek islands are relatively safe, but it’s wise to keep an eye on your belongings and only go out with the cash and cards you’ll need for that day. Make use of the safe in your hotel or villa, and keep to well-lit areas at night if possible. 

What is the best way to travel Greece solo?

Island hopping is an incredible way to explore the best of Greece, especially if you can’t settle on a single destination. You could stay at hostels to meet new people too.