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Guide to solo travel in Spain

With vibrant culture, world-famous hiking, and incredible Romanesque architecture, Spain is a treat to travel. Uncover unique cities and islands on your solo trip to Spain, and experience all it has to offer with our travel guide.

Which part of Spain is best for solo travelling?

Part of Spain’s magic is that there’s an area of this beautiful country for everyone depending on your interests. Whether you’re visiting for the beaches, mountains, or culture-rich cities, there’s always something new to experience on your solo trip to Spain.

It’s safe, easy and affordable to get around by public transport in Spain. This makes it an ideal country to travel around solo, and tick off multiple destinations in one trip. Below are the unmissable hotspots:


It’s easy to see why Barcelona is the belle of the country (and capital of Catalonia.) It’s one of the most visited cities by tourists in the whole of Spain, welcoming 10 million visitors every year – and for good reason too. With breathtaking architecture, beautiful culture spots and lovely beaches, this cosmopolitan centre is an artistic and cultural landmark. 

Set some time aside to visit Gaudi’s iconic Sagrada Familia, one of the most spectacular buildings in the world, taste some wonderful tapas, and soak up the sun on the beautiful inner-city beach.


Valencia is overflowing with history, urban art, and beautiful architecture. This gem is situated on the east coast of Spain and is known as the birthplace of paella. There is so much to see in the walkable historic centre, including the breathtaking Valencia Cathedral and El Miguelete Bell Tower.

Fuel up on Valencia’s signature dish, then head to one of the sensational Mediterranean beaches to soak up the sun and surf (or simply to recline and stay put.) Stray from the beaten track in the old Fisherman’s quarter, El Cubanyal, well worth a visit with colourful buildings and an authentic buzz of Valencian life.

Costa del Sol

If you’re in Spain for sun, sand and sea, look no further than the Costa del Sol – home to some of the best beaches in Spain. The ‘sun coast’ spans between Sotogrande in the west and Nerja to the east. 

The Costa del Sol plays hosts to end-to-end stunning resort towns – once quaint fishing villages. Work your way along the coast to play water sports in Fuengirola, admire the pretty white village of Mijas and party in Málaga – also the birthplace of renowned artist Picasso. 


If you’re a solo traveller who wants to party, you’ll be in your element in Ibiza. This Balearic Island is known for daytime pool parties and world-famous club nights, but it’s so much more than that. With clear skies for over 300 days of the year, a rich Mediterranean history, rural hamlets and surprisingly unfrequented coves, Ibiza has the best of both worlds.

If your solo travels in Spain take you to Ibiza, do it your way, whether that be making the most of the vibrant nightlife or enjoying the crystal-clear waters.


Next stop on our solo travel in Spain guide is the beautiful city of Bilbao, spilling over with art and culture. Renowned as one of Spain’s most avant-garde cities, Bilbao fuses urban transformation with a characterful old town – Casco Viejo.

Meander through Casco Viejo and enjoy the charming streets and quirky shops, marvel at the impressive architecture of the Guggenheim Museum or take stroll down the spectacular coast.

The benefits of exploring Spain as a solo traveller

There are many benefits to exploring Spain solo. As it’s a well-travelled and relatively safe country, it’s a great place to explore by yourself. There’s also a high population of people there who speak English, so you’re sure to get by just fine.

Accommodation for all budgets

Accommodation options are plentiful in Spain, so there’s enough choice for all solo travel budgets – from affordable hostels to more luxurious resorts. Hostels can be an excellent way to meet likeminded travellers, as they provide a social environment where you can make friends, share information, or even meet a new travel buddy.

Well-connected trains

It’s also easy to get around in Spain, as the transport is modern and reliable. Flights are the quickest way to get from one side of Spain to the other, but they’re more costly than using local transport. There’s also a fantastic train network, which offers efficient and easy travel between major cities.

Affordable bus network

Bus lines are also great for more local excursions and can be more affordable than trains. Busses are the same as most places in the UK – while they do sometimes run late, they’re reliable overall. 


Best time to visit Spain for solo travellers

There’s never a bad time for a solo travel trip to Spain, but between late May and September is a particularly good time. The summer months are especially warm and busy – perfect for meeting other likeminded travellers on your trip.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Spain may be busier in school holidays with families, which can also have an impact on flight and accommodation costs over this period. If you prefer to travel during quieter periods, visiting Spain in the ‘off season’ still allows you to enjoy warmer weather than the UK, while enjoying the attractions without the crowds.

Must see sightseeing and attractions in Spain

There are so many amazing attractions to see as a solo traveller, whether you relish the opportunity to meet new people or prefer your alone time. Here are some of our favourite solo travelling spots in Spain:

Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a rewarding hike and is popular with solo travellers. It provides walkers with a chance to reconnect with nature – which can be hard with a bunch of chatty walking buddies. Enjoy a stroll at your own pace and enjoy this escape from the hustle and bustle.

There are many routes to choose from, and the most popular ones are considered secure for solo travellers. All routes take you to Santiago de Compostela, a popular pilgrimage destination.

The Sagrada Familia  

No solo trip to Barcelona is complete without a visit to the magnificent Sagrada Familia. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most popular tourist spots in all of Spain. The Basilica has been in construction for 140 years but is still not finished. Take a guided tour of the breathtaking history inside or marvel at its architectural wonder from the outside.

Guggenheim Museum  

This world-famous contemporary art museum in Bilbao is a treat for solo travellers. Designed by Frank Gehry, it’s an iconic example of 20th-century architecture, featuring curves created out of 33,000 titanium plates. Meander through the museum and marvel at its private collection of modern art, which it shares with New York and Venice.

Es Vedrà

If you’re lucky enough to be solo travelling in Spain, don’t miss the legendary Es Vedrà. Located in the southwest of Ibiza, the small islet rears up almost 400 feet high into the sky. Catch a glimpse while taking a dip at Cala d'Hort beach or take a boat trip out into the water.

Es Vedrà is shrouded in its fair share of mysteries. This protected nature reserve has roots reaching back through history as home of the Sirens in Greek Mythology and thought to be the third most magnetic spot-on earth. The oddities don’t end there, as this site has become known as a place of strange phenomena, like potential UFO sightings.

Currency for visiting Spain

Get your holiday spending money sorted before you embark on your solo trip to Spain. The euro is the currency of Spain, and it’s a good idea to take a Travel Money Card and cash. While you may find that a lot of places accept card, it’s handy to have cash too – especially for when it comes to visiting less touristy areas.

Travel insurance for your solo trip

Before you head off on your solo adventure, make sure you have travel insurance to cover you for all eventualities.  

Sainsbury’s Bank offers a range of single, multi and extended trip policies – with optional extras for travel protection.


Is Spain good for a solo trip?

Yes, Spain is a great destination for a solo trip. It’s a popular spot so you’re bound to meet other travellers. Plus, it’s relatively safe to travel around, has affordable accommodation options and good transport links so you can see the beautiful country at your own pace.

Where is the best place to visit in Spain solo?

Spain boasts a whole host of wonderful cities to explore as a solo traveller, with each one catering to different interests. If it’s culture and coast that you’re after, Barcelona should be high on your list. With millions of tourists every year, it’s a popular city, so meeting people in hostels should be a breeze.

What is the best city in Spain for singles?

Much of Spain is well set up for solo travel. Cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Seville and Valencia are great for travelling as a single person. If your aim is to meet people and form friendships, staying in sociable hostels can be the best way to go.