Travel Disruption Cover

Sainsbury’s Bank Gold and Platinum cover offers travel disruption cover to provide some additional protection.

The insurance provides cover for costs not forming part of a package holiday and is aimed at travellers who book flights and accommodation separately.

Enforced stay

The Enforced Stay cover in your travel insurance provides additional protection if you can’t get home because any of the following:

  • airspace
  • airport
  • port
  • channel tunnel

are closed for more than 24 hours.

Your travel provider may be able to offer alternative travel arrangements. However, if after 24 hours you find you have to make your own arrangements to return home, Sainsbury’s Bank travel disruption will cover the cost of additional travel expenses and cost to replenish prescription medication, up to the limits shown in the benefit table.

Keep your receipts and send these with your claim.

The policy can also offer some comfort by helping cover the cost of additional expenses such as food, accommodation and phone bills. You’ll be entitled to receive £150 for every 24-hour period that you’re unable to return home up to a maximum of £1,500. This will be paid out under the policy whether you incur the expenditure or not.

Or you can may be able to make a claim for substitute accommodation – see more about ‘Substitute accommodation’ below.

If you do get stuck abroad because the airport or port was closed you may be able to claim any unused travel expenses from your travel provider. You should do this first, before making a claim on your insurance policy.

Substitute accommodation

Travel disruption cover can provide protection if you need to leave your accommodation in the event of:

  • fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, hurricane, tsunami, landslide, avalanche, volcanic eruption or storm
  • an outbreak of food poisoning or an infectious disease

which means you can no longer stay there.

Where you’re unable to recover costs from your accommodation provider, Sainsbury’s Gold and Platinum travel disruption will cover the cost of alternative accommodation and any transport costs incurred up to the value as stated in the Table of Benefits.

You’ll need to pay for accommodation and transport initially and then claim back the cost later, so you may want to ensure you have access to enough cash or credit to allow you to do this.

Unused travel and accommodation

If you find that you’re unable to go on your trip or you need to come home early, travel disruption cover can also offer some comfort and protection.

The cover will apply if you were not able to travel and use your booked accommodation or had to abandon your trip for any of the following reasons:

  • the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) or other similar body prohibits travel or recommends evacuation
  • fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, hurricane, tsunami, landslide, avalanche, volcanic eruption, storm or an outbreak of food poisoning or infectious disease means you can’t stay in your accommodation
  • a strike results in your travel from the UK being cancelled
  • the Channel Tunnel or airport, port or airspace which you expected to travel through is closed for 24 hours

Sainsbury’s travel insurance could cover the cost of any unused and irrecoverable;

  • travel and accommodation
  • airport parking and car hire
  • kennel or cattery fees and
  • excursions

up to the value of £5,000 if you select Gold cover and £7,500 if you select Platinum.

You’ll be able to claim for these costs if you’re unable to recover them from your travel or accommodation provider or where alternative arrangements have not been offered.

You can find full terms and conditions for all the protection offered under travel disruption cover in section 11 of your policy document.

Travel insurance overview

Terms & conditions

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