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Illness and Injury Insurance

Get income protection insurance for illness and injury

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What is Illness and Injury Insurance?

Illness and Injury Insurance is a form of income protection designed to help cover everyday living costs – like your mortgage, rent and household bills – if you’re unable to work due to an illness or injury. After a waiting period of four weeks, a successful claim can pay out monthly for up to 12 months.

Key features and benefits

Wondering how much Illness and Injury Insurance is going to cost and whether this type of income protection is worth it? That will of course depend a bit on your personal circumstances and needs, but here are some key benefits to consider: 

  • It’s more affordable than you might think – policies start from £6 per month 
  • It’s quick and simple – get a quote online and apply in minutes 
  • It’s got you covered – get up to £2,000 per month tax free, for up to a year 
  • It’s got scope to cover you more than once – you can make multiple claims (conditions apply) 
  • It’s flexible – easily update your cover if your earnings or outgoings change

What does illness and injury income protection cover?

While savings might keep things ticking over for a while, longer-term sick leave can be trickier for many of us to manage. But if you have the right insurance, being out of action for several months doesn’t have to mean being so out of pocket you struggle to keep a roof over your head. 

If you’re incapacitated for more than four weeks due to an illness or injury, being able to top up your company sick pay or UK statutory sick pay (SSP) with an income protection plan like Illness and Injury Insurance can make all the difference.

An Illness and Injury Insurance policy can help with up to 60% of your gross annual income, covering a maximum of £2,000 per month. It offers income protection for all sorts of different issues that might keep you off work, from accident recovery and non-terminal illnesses to looking after your mental health. In addition to your rent or mortgage payments, utility bills and internet, it can help with things like childcare, car insurance and your gym membership. 

It’s also easy to update your policy if your circumstances change – for example, if your mortgage goes up or you get a pay rise. 

Who can be covered?

To be eligible for Illness and Injury Insurance you must:

  • Be employed or self-employed and working at least 16 hours a week
  • Be a UK resident 
  • Be registered with UK GP for 2+ years

You can only buy one Illness and Injury Insurance plan at a time, and you can’t have another income replacement insurance in place if you apply for a policy with us.

What’s not covered? 

There are no specific illness, sickness, accident or injury exclusions with this income protection insurance, although exclusions could be applied when you buy your policy. These would usually be based on your health and lifestyle – for example, if you take part in any hazardous leisure activities.

Loss of income due to unemployment 

The income protection offered with Illness and Injury Insurance is not unemployment cover; it only protects you if you can’t work due to an injury or illness. This means you can’t claim for any loss of income that’s a result of redundancy or losing your job. You also can’t buy a policy if you’re unemployed.

Terminal ilnesses and death

The aim of Illness and Injury Insurance is to help cover your bills for up to a year, through monthly arrears. It won’t pay out a lump sum in case of a terminal illness or accidental death. If you’re looking for that kind of cover, consider life insurance and/or critical illness cover.


Illness and Injury Insurance FAQs

Can I get illness and injury insurance if I’m self-employed?

Yes, you can get income protection cover with an Illness and Injury Insurance policy through us if you’re self-employed, as long as you work at least 16 hours per week. 

Can smokers get Illness and Injury Insurance?

If you’re a smoker you can still get this type of income protection cover, but your premiums will be higher compared with a non-smoker. 

I’m over 50; can I still get Illness and Injury Insurance?

You can buy this type of income protection through us up to and including your 55th birthday. It’ll cover you for illness and injuries if you have an accident until you turn 60, ending on your 60th birthday. 

Does the cover start as soon as I stop working?

No, you have to be unable to work for four weeks before the payouts start; after that, they’re paid into your bank account monthly, in arrears, for up to 12 months.

How much cover do I need?

How much cover you need will depend on your personal situation and outgoings. To get a better idea, add up the regular monthly financial commitments you’d still need to pay if you were unable to work. This might include things like your rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, council tax, internet, mobile phone bills, insurance and food shopping.

Illness and Injury Insurance will pay a maximum of £2,000 per month, but you might not need that much. Say your monthly accommodation and utility costs come to £1,200, then that might be enough.

You can specify the amount you want to be covered for when you get your quote – but the maximum amount you can get will be determined by your income, and no greater than £2000 per month.

Will I still be covered if I lose my job?

Yes, if you were to lose your job after the policy has already started, you can still make a claim for an incapacitating illness or injury – as long as you’ve kept up your premium payments.

If you’re unemployed when you make your Illness and Injury Insurance claim, the maximum income protection payout will be £1,000 per month. 


Before you apply for Illness and Injury Insurance

Make sure you understand exactly what’s covered and what’s not before you get a quote or apply. You’ll find all the details you need in the policy booklet [PDF, 1.54MB] and policy summary [PDF, 1.99MB]. It's your responsibility to make sure any policy you purchase is right for you.

Ready to get a quote for Illness and Injury Insurance? 

Find out how much income protection cover you could receive, and what your monthly premiums might be.

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