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The heat is on

By Money Matters Team 29/04/2016

We might love it when the sun's shining but spare a thought for your pets, who may not like it quite so hot.

Jessica Maccio of shares her top tips


Protect their paws

As the ground dries out and the pavements heat up, your dog's paws are at risk of cracking. Massaging olive oil into the pads will help prevent them from drying out.

Keep cool on the go

If you're travelling by car with your dog, install window blinds (the kind you buy for kids). They're cheap and help keep the hot rays at bay. And never leave your dog alone in a car on a hot day, as they can dehydrate and get ill very quickly.

Splash down

If you think your dog's too warm, cool them down by splashing water on their paws, then hold a water-soaked towel on their stomach. If there's a cool muddy puddle to hand, even better!


Block those rays

Although they're better at keeping themselves cool than dogs, cats can still get sunburnt, especially if they're pale in colour. Use a special pet sunscreen on their nose and ears before they go outside.

Frozen treat

Cats might hate water, but they love ice! Fill a balloon with water, freeze it, then remove the balloon and place the ice ball in a deep dish — it'll make the perfect ice pop for your feline friend.

Space to chill

If your cat normally sleeps on the carpet, make sure they have access to a hard floor or basement when it's hot outside, so they have a place to cool off and get comfortable.

As always, if you have any concerns about your pet's health, contact your vet straightaway.

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