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Hobbies that both you and your dog can enjoy

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Hobbies that both you and your dog can enjoy

Published December 2022

One of the main reasons people get a dog is to enjoy companionship. And one of the key ways of achieving this is by taking regular walks and partaking in hobbies you both can enjoy. This is not just a pleasure for the owner; a dog needs regular exercise of varying quantities depending on its size and breed to stay healthy.

The joy goes out of anything when it starts to feel like a chore though. If you find yourself sighing every time you take the lead from its hook, then it is time to consider some new forms of exercise that you and your dog will both enjoy. Here are some of our top suggestions.

Dog training

When a dog enters a new home as a puppy, hours of training lie ahead if owners are to establish good control and discipline in the dog.

Training a dog sounds tough but it can be great fun; especially if it is done at a class. Meeting other dog owners can be a source of friendships for owners and it’s good to socialise dogs with people and other animals early on to give them a more docile and friendly nature.

Training can be challenging for both the owner and dog which makes it a fabulous source of stimulation. Seeing gradual results is very satisfying and the bonding that develops between a dog and owner through training is very firm.

Dog training is not just for puppies; sometimes an older dog needs new discipline training if it shows signs of anxiety or aggression from a change in its life or surroundings.

Essentially, it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks!

Beach breaks

Anyone who is lucky enough to live close to a dog beach should get their wellies or flip flops on and get down there! Dogs love running freely and a designated beach allows them to do just that while their owner strolls along in their own time.

Make sure you pick a suitable beach though and are aware of any dangers. Using a retractable lead may be a good idea to begin with if you are worried about your dog failing to return when called. You should also be vigilant against dog fouling, clearing up any mess immediately and disposing of it in public bins.

Jogging, cycling and games

Your regular run or cycling trip can be enhanced by the presence of your dog so why not make them part of your daily exercise routine. With a little training, dogs can run alongside you, off the lead, giving you some companionship during your exercise and giving them a harder workout that keeps them fit and healthy.

Similarly, you can make playtime beneficial by combining it with exercise. Take a frisbee out to the park for a good run around or invite your dog outside in winter to play in the snow. Kids will love these activities too so it’s a great way to get the whole family involved.

Day trips

Everyone needs a change of scenery once in a while so why not seek a hobby that takes you and your pooch away for the day? A dog-friendly day out is a great source of mutual enjoyment and can involve picnics in the park or even a short holiday. Remember to pack plenty of toys such as balls and frisbees to encourage exercise and ensure you have all the necessary bowls, food and water to keep your dog hydrated and well fed.

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