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If you've got a question about your mortgage, we can help. We've got the answers to some of the questions we hear from our customers the most. If your question's not here, you can try our general list of FAQs too.

Your questions

Yes. Our mortgage products allow you to make overpayments either as a lump sum, or as regular overpayments.

Depending when you want to make an overpayment, and how much you want to pay, you might have to pay an early repayment charge.

For example, when you first start your mortgage or when you switch to a new product, there may be an early repayment charge period. So, during that period, you can overpay by up to 10% of your balance, within a 12 month anniversary period without paying a charge. But if you overpay more than 10%, you'll pay a charge on the payment amount that's over the 10%.

When you're outside an early repayment charge period, you can overpay by as much as you like without paying any charge.

Full details of your overpayment facility can be found in your mortgage offer and Terms and Conditions.

If you want to make a lump sum overpayment to your mortgage you can call the team on 0345 111 8020 ** – they can also set up a regular overpayment for you.

Yes. You can take a payment holiday by underpaying on your mortgage. To qualify for an underpayment your mortgage payments must be up to date and you must have overpaid by at least the amount you want to underpay by. So, to take a payment holiday your combined overpayments must be the same as at least one monthly mortgage payment.

You can underpay up to the amount of two monthly mortgage payments in any 12 month anniversary period.

If you want to discuss underpaying or taking a payment holiday , just call the team on 0345 111 8020**.

Please call us on 0345 111 8020 ** and we'll arrange a new date for you. You will need to give us 14 days' notice of any change.

Please call us on 0345 111 8020 ** at least 14 days before your next payment date and we'll change the details for you.

At the end of your promotional rate period, your mortgage will revert to our standard variable rate. Details of this are included in your mortgage illustration and mortgage offer.

Don't worry though, we'll get in touch with you before it ends to let you know of any new options that may exist.

Until you make an arrangement to repay the amount you owe, you're behind on your payments. For as long as you're one month or more behind, we'll charge you a monthly arrears fee, as set out in our Tariff of Fees and Charges (PDF, 122KB). In addition, as your balance will be higher, you'll pay more interest too.

We have to inform credit reference agencies that you've missed a payment – and this could make it hard for you to get credit if you need it.

Your home may be repossessed if you don't keep up repayments on your mortgage.

If you do miss a monthly payment, get in touch with us as soon as you can – we want to help. Call us on 0800 923 1547 and we'll go through the details and talk through all your options. Calls to this number are free from landlines and mobiles.

If you're struggling to make your payments, or your circumstances have changed and you may struggle in the future, get in touch with us as soon as you can - we want to help. Call us on 0800 923 1547 and we'll go through the details and talk through all your options. Calls are free from a landline and from a mobile when calling from the UK.

If you keep missing payments it will affect your credit rating. You may also have to pay arrears fees - there's more on this in our Tariff of Fees and Charges (PDF, 122KB).

Find out what to do if you're struggling with your mortgage payments.

Telephone calls will be recorded for security purposes under our quality control procedures. 

Yes. All of our mortgages are portable. That means you can transfer your existing mortgage with its terms and conditions and interest rate over to a new property. However, this is subject to the loan and the property meeting our lending criteria. You may also need to go through a full affordability assessment.

If you require an additional loan for the move, you'll need to apply for a new mortgage.

If you want to move your mortgage, give us a call on 0345 111 8020 ** so we can check all the details and explain how it works.

Yes. You can apply to borrow more money after you've made a minimum of six monthly payments.

The minimum amount you can borrow is £5,000, and you may need to pay other fees. It will increase the amount you owe, the interest you need to pay and your monthly payments.

Here's how it works:

  • Arrange an appointment with one of our qualified mortgage advisers by calling 0345 111 8020 ** – have a look at our list of what you'll need to have to hand
  • They'll check you can afford the bigger monthly payments for the extra money you want to borrow
  • They'll also check the extra money won't take your total mortgage over our maximum loan-to-value ratio
  • They'll be able to recommend the right product for your circumstances.

The mortgage is secured on your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Lending subject to status.