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Mortgages Customer Support

Mortgages Customer Support

Managing your mortgage

The day-to-day details

From changing your payment details to paying off your mortgage - give us a call and we'll arrange it all for you. 

Check your balance

If you want to know how much of your mortgage you've paid off, you can call us on 0345 111 8020 ** for a balance update.

Change your payment date

Give us a ring on 0345 111 8020 ** and we'll change the date we take your payment. You’ll need to give us 14 days’ notice of any change.

Change your bank details

Call us on 0345 111 8020 ** with your new account name, account number and sort code and we'll arrange to collect your payments from the new account. You’ll need to give us 14 days’ notice of any change.

Make an Overpayment or Underpayment

We know your finances and circumstances can change from time to time. That’s why all our flexible mortgages give you the option of making overpayments and reducing your monthly payments in part or full. Why don’t you have a look at our mortgage features page for more information.

What if I can't afford my mortgage?

If you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments, or circumstances have changed and you may struggle in the future, get in touch with us as soon as you can – we want to help. Find out more here.

Rate coming to an end

Switching your existing Sainsbury’s Bank Mortgage to a new product with us could you save you time, money and hassle. Please visit our product switch support page for more information.

Our Standard Variable Rates

If you are coming to the end of your promotional rate period or it has already ended your interest will switch to our standard variable rate. This means that your payments could go up or down each month, so it’s best to review your options with us as early as possible. Why not have a look at our product switch support, or to find out how your monthly payments will be affected by a change in interest rate, you can use our mortgage rate calculator.

Our current Standard Variable Rates are:

  • 7.49% for our Residential mortgages
  • 8.24% for our Buy to Let mortgages

If you took out your mortgage before 2005, please call us on 0345 111 8020** and we’ll confirm what rate you are currently paying

Change a name on your mortgage

A change of borrower (also known as Transfer of Equity) is where you add or remove a borrower from your mortgage without increasing the amount you’ve borrowed.  This can include:

  • Change from a single to a joint mortgage;
  • Change from a joint to a single mortgage;
  • Remove a borrower and add a new borrower to your joint mortgage.

If you want to enquire about this, give us a call on 0345 111 8020** so we can check all the details and explain how it works.

Move home

If you took out your existing Sainsbury’s Bank residential mortgage after 2016 then your mortgage may be portable. This means that you can transfer your existing mortgage with its terms and conditions and interest rate over to a new property. However, this is subject to the loan and the property meeting our lending criteria at the time.

If you want to move your mortgage, give us a call on 0345 111 8020** so we can check all the details and explain how It works.

Mortgage documents

If you took out your mortgage before 2005, please call us on 0345 111 8020** and we’ll confirm what Terms & Conditions you are currently on.

Can I let out my property

If you want to let your property, instead of living in it, you’ll need to get permission from us before letting. This is known as our Consent to Let.

You will need to call us on 0345 111 8020** to discuss this with us, but it is worth noting the following:-

  • All lettings are subject to the consent of Sainsbury’s Bank. We will send you a pack which will provide you with further information on our conditions and how to apply.
  • Any consent given will be for a period of a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 12 months. At the end of which, we will be in contact to review your circumstances.
  • If you have already started letting your property, without our permission then please contact us as soon as possible. Your mortgage terms and conditions explain that you need our consent to let out your property and any breach in these conditions could lead to further action being taken.
  • You will be required to obtain Landlord’s Insurance and we will ask for sight of a valid policy as part of your application to let your property.

If you move back into your property and want to end the Consent to Let agreement, please call us on 0345 111 8020** to discuss. We will require evidence that you have moved back into your property and will talk you through your options at that time.

Pay off your mortgage

If you'd like to pay your mortgage off, the first thing to do is call us on 0345 111 8020** to find out how much is left to pay off your balance including any fees or charges that may be applicable.

We'll give you a redemption statement with details of what it will cost you to pay off your mortgage completely – as long as we get your redemption payment by a certain date. If you pay after that date, there may be some more interest or charges to pay. So you'll have to make another payment to cover that.

The figure we give you on the statement includes any payments you're due to make in the four days from the date of that statement. So if your Direct Debit doesn't go through for any reason, you'll also have to pay the Direct Debit amount to clear the balance. Then you'll have paid off your mortgage.

When you have your redemption statement, you can call us to make the payment over the phone, or transfer the money to the bank details on the statement.

A guide to mortgage speak

We know there’s a lot of jargon in the world of mortgages. So whether you’re new to it or you’ve been down this road before, there may be some words and phrases you need explaining. So we’ve given you a quick rundown of all of the terms you might come across when you’re looking through our mortgage information – or someone else’s.

The mortgage is secured on your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Lending subject to status.

Existing rate ending

Existing rate ending

See if you can switch your existing mortgage to a new product.

Mortgage Features

Mortgage features

Find out more about overpayments and underpayments.

Any questions?

Any questions?

Answers to the most common questions from our customers

For further questions
 Call 0345 111 8020** |  Helpful phone numbers

Our lines are open: Monday to Friday, 8am–8pm, Saturday, 9am–1pm and closed Sunday
**Telephone calls will be recorded for security purposes under our quality control procedures. Calls are charged at local rates from landlines and mobiles.