Missed flights

If you are unfortunate enough to miss a flight, what can you do?

In most circumstances, you’ll probably just want to book alternative travel arrangements as quickly as possible and carry on with your journey. But how can you cover the cost?

If the delay wasn’t your fault and was due to any of the circumstances set out below, travel insurance from Sainsbury’s Bank may offer some comfort and peace of mind.

What circumstances are covered?

Arriving too late to board your transport, either at your last departure point from the UK or your last departure point for your return to the UK due to:

  • public transport failing to get you to your departure point due to strike, industrial action, adverse weather conditions, mechanical failure or direct involvement in an accident; or
  • the private vehicle in which you are travelling being involved in an accident or breaking down.
  • a delay involving your vehicle because of unexpected and unforeseen heavy traffic or road closures

What cover is provided?

If you miss your flight due to any of the reasons mentioned above, Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance could provide cover - up to the amount stated in the table of benefits - to help you with the cost of a replacement flight or another form of transport to help you reach your destination.

It can also be used to cover the costs of any reasonable and necessary additional accommodation.

Are there any conditions?

Make sure you read the full terms and conditions in section 5 of the policy document as there are some exclusions. These include the following:

  • Any trips within the UK (except for trips to the Channel Islands)
  • Where the strike or industrial action, delays or weather disruption had started or were publicly declared on or before the date your travel insurance policy is issued or the date you booked your trip, whichever is later
  • If you fail to allow sufficient time for the public transport to arrive on schedule and deliver you to your departure point
  • When the failure of the vehicle in which you are travelling is due to it not having been properly serviced and maintained
  • You will need to provide evidence that the delays were severe, for example they were so severe that they were reported on a motoring association website, the Highways Agency website, or television, news or press bulletins.

What about connecting flights?

If you miss a connecting flight because your first flight was delayed you should try to recover the cost of a replacement flight from the airline.

If you miss a connecting flight due to any of the reasons explained in the section above, Sainsbury’s travel insurance could cover the cost of a replacement flight where:

  • your connecting flight is from the last departure point in the UK. For example, if your flight from Glasgow to Heathrow is delayed for one of the specified reasons causing you to miss your international departure from Heathrow overseas, or
  • on your return journey, you miss your connecting flight at your final international departure point for your return to the UK

How do I book a replacement flight?

When you book a replacement flight you’ll need to pay for it initially and claim back the cost later. So before you head off, you may want to check that you have access to sufficient funds to do this.

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