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Inspirational interiors - bringing the outside in

By Money Matters Team 27/02/2013

Inspiration from Mother Nature...

Offering crisp white scenery, towering evergreen trees and golden leaves underfoot, Mother Nature can provide remarkable inspiration for decorating our homes.

Here's a few tips:

The wonders of wood

Wood is a great innovator. Liberate doors by sanding them down and repainting with linseed to achieve a natural, organic feel. Or how about chunky wooden furniture or picture frames, all stained dark to resemble rich oak?

Stone and marble

Stone and marble can bring a solid feel to a room. Marble worktops, chopping boards and floor tiles can achieve a stylish, refined look, while smaller items like clay pots and stone door stops can help set the scene.

Berries in the kitchen

The winter wonderland can influence prints, wallpaper and fabrics. The rich red of box leaf and holly berries provide excellent warm colour schemes for kitchen and dining areas.

Putting the plan into action…

Depending on the project you choose, bringing the outdoors in could require some funding. You may be able to use some savings or you might want to consider a loan.

If you want to keep the costs down, take a look at our post on up-cycling which has some great home-made interior design ideas from our blogger network.

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