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Switching pet insurance 

We always want the best for our furry friends – and our wallets. Sometimes circumstances change and you may decide that switching pet insurance is necessary to make sure that you’re still prioritising both.

Check your policy to find out what you can and can’t do when it comes to changing pet insurance. 

Can I switch pet insurance cover?

Whether or not you can change pet insurance depends on the type of plan you currently have. Some providers offer monthly rolling contracts, but others may be renewed annually and have stricter terms.

If there’s a change in your circumstances, it’s important to let your insurance company know immediately. This is especially important if you need a different level of cover for your pet – for example if your pet develops a new condition. 

Speak to your current insurer to check how to cancel your plan before you think about taking out a new one. You should also consider that any changes to your policy will usually result in an admin fee. There could be a period that you’re not covered for when taking out a new policy, so it may require some planning to make sure you’re always insured. 

Why should I switch pet insurance? 

There are multiple reasons why you may choose to change pet insurance. Whether your circumstances change or you’re looking at decreasing your premiums, switching pet insurance may be an option you consider. All insurance policies have restrictions on pre-existing conditions, so make sure your pet’s condition is not excluded.

Combining insurance plans 

Sometimes insurance companies offer better deals if you take out multiple insurance plans with the same company, or are members of related products or services. For example, if you recently took out home insurance with Sainsbury’s Bank you may decide to add on pet or car insurance

Sainsbury’s Bank offer guaranteed discounts for Nectar members*. 

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Adding another pet to your policy

If you’ve welcomed a new pet into your home since taking out your insurance, you may want to switch to a multi-pet policy for a better deal. If you already have kitten or cat insurance for your feline friends, you could add cover for your puppy or dog or even your rabbit

Increasing costs

If your monthly premiums are increasing, you might want to shop around to see which provider can offer you the best deal. Even if your policy stays the same you might want to keep your personal monthly costs down – and changing pet insurance may help you to do this.

Things to consider when switching pet insurance

When it comes to changing your pet insurance there are some key considerations to make. These include:

Waiting periods 

With most pet insurance policies there’s a set time just after taking out the cover where you cannot claim. Sainsbury’s Bank cannot cover any treatment claims where symptoms started within 14 days from the policy start date – or three days in the event of treatment or death after accidental injury or poisoning.


As with any insurance policy, you can expect there to be some exclusions. If your circumstances change and you need these exclusions to be covered, you could look into switching your pet insurance to a policy that includes them. Some of the main exclusions you can expect include:

  • Existing health conditions
  • Routine care – like worming or vaccinations
  • Grooming or cosmetic treatments – like nail trimming

Different types of policies 

If you’re interested in changing pet insurance policies, check out different cover levels of Sainsbury’s Bank Pet Insurance, provided by Pinnacle insurance plc, to see which suits your new circumstances the best.

We offer the following pet insurance policies:

  • Lifetime – this policy offers an unlimited treatment period with cover up to £10,000 a year.
  • Time limited – offers cover for up to 12 months of treatment or £3,000, depending on which is reached first.
  • Maximum benefit – where you could claim for the same condition multiple times during the course of your policy (up to policy limits).
  • Multi-pet – offers cover for all your furry friends in one place by adding your cat, dog and rabbit to the same policy.


Consider how much you are currently paying in excess or in premiums and compare this to an alternative pet insurance policy. You may find that changing pet insurance cover or provider could be more cost effective for you.

The benefits of switching to pet insurance with Sainsbury’s Bank 

There are many benefits to switching your pet insurance provider to consider. Sainsbury’s Bank Pet Insurance, provided by Pinnacle Insurance plc, may help to provide some support for the unknown and take some of the financial strain if your pet needs unexpected vet attention. We also offer insurance for all kinds of pets, from precious pooches and fluffy felines to brilliant bunnies with our multi-pet insurance

Frequently asked questions 

Do you have to stay with same pet insurance provider?

No, you can change pet insurance providers at your renewal date, or you can check the terms and conditions of your specific pet insurance policy to see whether you’re able to change providers or policies before the end of your term. In some cases, you may be able to change pet insurance halfway through your policy – subject to paying an admin fee. 

Do I have to cancel my insurance before switching pet insurance?

Yes, you should cancel your existing insurance so that you are not charged twice. Bear in mind that there could be some time after starting your new policy before you’re covered, so plan carefully to check you’re not caught out and have pet insurance coverage in place until then.

Can you have two pet insurance policies for the same pet?

In most cases you cannot have two pet insurance policies for the same pet. Some providers may consider your insurance void. 


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