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Sainsbury's Bank

Sending your identification documents electronically

To allow you to complete your loan application as quickly as possible, we’ve implemented Adobe Sign to allow you to securely send your identification documents electronically.

About Adobe Sign

What is Adobe sign?

Adobe Sign is a secure way for us to electronically send your loan documents and collect your signature. This makes the loan application process quicker to complete.

How do I use Adobe sign?

We’ll send you an email from Adobe Sign, with a link to all your loan documents. You just need to read them, make sure everything is as you expected and then add your signature to the loan agreement using your mouse or touchscreen. Once you’ve done this you just need to press the ‘sign’ button.

What technology do I need to use Adobe sign?

You may find the loan agreement is easier to read on a large screen, but you can use any smartphone, tablet or computer – whichever works best for you.

Is Adobe sign secure?

Yes. Any information Adobe Sign hold about you is protected through their technical and organisational procedures. This means that if you’re using Adobe Sign for your Sainsbury’s Bank application your information is secure.

I need copies of my messages and documents?

No problem, just contact us and we’ll sort that out for you.

Why does the email you send have EchoSign in the email address?

EchoSign is owned by Adobe Sign and is the technology used to allow you to provide an electronic signature. This is why you see the EchoSign name in the email address.


Sending your documents with Adobe Sign

How do I use Adobe Sign to send you my ID documents?

We’ll send you an email with a link to a document. The document will tell you what we need you to send and will have a section you can attach your documents to. You just need to click on the relevant box and it will prompt you to take a photo of your ID document or attach a previously saved copy.

I've forgotten my password to open the document you sent?

If you’ve forgotten the password you agreed with our customer service agent, just contact us and we’ll agree a new one with you.

Do you need an image of the original document?

Yes. You should take a picture of your original document, making sure all four corners can be seen.

Why do you want me to take a selfie?

If we’ve asked to see your passport or driving licence, we also need you to send a selfie. This allows us to compare your likeness to the identification document you’ve sent us. Please use your phone or tablet to take the selfie.

You’ve asked me to take a selfie, can I not just send a picture of myself?

It needs to be a selfie as we’ll see a normal picture on your passport/driving licence.

How do I know if the photo is clear enough for you to accept?

As long as you can read it and view any pictures, then it will be clear enough for us to check. Just make sure that you’ve got the full document in shot.

Do I need to attach the back of my driving licence?

Yes, we need to see the back and front. In the letter you’ll see space to upload a picture of the back of your licence.

If I’m taking a picture of my bank statement how do I fit it all in one photo?

You just need to take a picture of one page of your statement. Just make sure the page shows your sort code, account number, address and transactions - we don’t need to see all your transactions.

What happens if I can't attach my files to the document you send?

Just give us a call and let us know.

Why do I need to accept the Adobe Sign terms and conditions before I can send my documents?

Adobe Sign provides us with the capability to securely receive your documents electronically. You need to accept their terms and conditions as you are using their software. This doesn’t impact your loan application.

Do you email me confirmation or a copy of the documents I attached and submitted?

No, we won’t email you, but you’ll get an option to save a copy of your documents after you submit them.