No claim discount

What is a no claim discount?

We all like a little reward from time-to-time. Typically, for every year you don't make a claim on your car insurance policy, you can earn a discount, up to a maximum number of years. Some insurers offer as much as a nine year discount. This is usually referred to as a no claim discount (NCD) or a no claim bonus and could entitle you to a discount on your premium.

No claim discount protection

If you have a minimum of 4 years no claim discount, with no more than one fault claim within the past three years for all drivers combined, then you will be eligible to purchase No Claim Discount Protection. 

Having No Claim Discount Protection means that your No Claim Discount (NCD) will not be affected by:

  • One claim made during the current period of cover, or by  
  • Two claims arising in the three preceding years of insurance

You will cease to be eligible for the benefit if claims exceed the above number. However your premium may still increase following a claim.

Once earned, a NCD can be a useful way to help reduce your car insurance premium. So if you are reviewing your insurance it could be worth checking to see if you qualify.

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