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Home Insurance with cover for your gadgets and mobiles

Our portable gadgets have become such an everyday thing – whether it's your all-singing-all-dancing tablet or the mobile phone that's an extension of your arm. And they don't come cheap, which is why you'll want to ensure you have some cover for them, at home and away.

What we cover

We don't have separate gadget insurance or mobile phone insurance products, however, our Contents Cover has some mobile and gadget insurance as standard. In addition, you can get even more cover by adding our optional extras - contents Accidental Damage Cover and Personal Possessions Cover - for an extra cost. The tables below show you what's covered as standard and what's covered with our optional extras.

What's covered as standard with Contents Cover:

Theft at Home Accidental Damage
Laptop tick tick
Tablets tick tick
Note book tick tick
Mobile Phone tick Optional Extra
Camera tick Optional Extra
Fitness bands & Smart watches tick Optional Extra

What's available as an optional extra

You can add additional cover to your policy, for an extra cost, to give you even more cover for your mobile and gadgets:

Accidental Damage

Available for an additional cost, with Contents Accidental Damage Cover
Cover away from the Home (Loss, Theft and Damage)

Available, for an additional cost, with Personal Possessions Cover
Laptop Covered as standard with Contents Cover tick
Tablets Covered as standard with Contents Cover tick
Note book Covered as standard with Contents Cover tick
Mobile Phone tick tick
Camera tick tick
Fitness bands & Smart watches tick tick

For more information on how it works check out our policy documents. An excess will apply if you make a claim. Our standard excess is £100, however, check your policy schedule for confirmation of your excess and consider if it meets your mobile cover and gadget cover needs. Don’t forget that a claim on your policy could impact your no claims discount.

What's not covered

There are some things we don't cover. Have a look in our policy document for a full list of conditions, but here are the main things to remember:

  • We won’t cover items if reasonable care of them has not been taken.
  • We won’t cover electronically stored data. This means things like downloaded music and films.

Our optional extras, Accidental Damage Cover and Personal Possessions Cover, don't cover you for theft, loss or accidental damage:

  • to any phones or gadgets you don't own
  • to any phones or gadgets you use or have for work
  • caused by mechanical or electrical faults or breakdowns
  • caused by or during cleaning, maintenance, repairs and restoration

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