Trace and Access - cover for water leaks

Encountering a water leak in your home can be an alarming experience and is a hassle we could all do without. Leaks can pose a safety hazard, cause significant damage to interior decoration and, not to mention, be a waste of water and money.

Sainsbury's Home Insurance comes with Trace and Access as standard so you can have the peace of mind knowing that in the event your property develops a water leak, you’re covered.

Trace and Access covers:

  • The cost of removing and replacing any part of your home to locate the source of any water escaping from tanks, pipes, appliances, or the fixed heating system of the building
  • The cost of repairing any burst pipes 
  • any payment made will be limited to £10,000 (Premier Cover policy) or £5000 (Standard policy)


Cover does not include the cost of any loss or damage to your household tanks, appliances or the fixed heating systems.

Why is trace and access an important element of a home insurance policy?

If your home insurance policy does not include cover for trace and access, you might be left with a significant bill to pay for the location and resolution of a water leak. What’s more, any damage to your property caused in the process of locating the leak may not be covered without trace and access.

It can be a useful addition to other home insurance policies such as:
· Home Emergency
· Contents Accidental Damage 
· Buildings Accidental Damage

Typical incidents and impacts of water leaks

Incident: Toilet, tap and radiator leaks, such as leaking water going to and from the cistern, corroded pipe work and damaged tap washers. Impact: Discoloured or damp patches on the floor, ceiling and walls; rotting décor.

Incident: Meter line or supply pipe work leaks. Impact: Soft muddy areas on the lawn, subsidence and larger water bills.

How do the professionals trace and access leaks?

There are a range of techniques used for detecting and locating leaks from water pipelines. It may be that fluorescent yet harmless tablet dyes are placed in water systems. Acoustic listening devices can also be used to detect the exact location of leaks in underground pipes.

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