Delayed flights

Many of us will be with family when waiting around for a delayed flight and in many cases, you may just have to wait. However, if the hours stretch on, it’s worth making sure you know what compensation you’re entitled to.

Before setting off on your trip, check to see what your airline may provide if your flight is delayed. This might include food and drink vouchers while EU regulations may also entitle you to compensation. You can also check to see what level of cover you can expect under any travel insurance policy.

Protection under EU regulation

EU regulation could entitle you to compensation if your flight is delayed by more than two hours. Crucially, the delay must be caused by circumstance within the airline’s control, and could include:

  • Technical issues which arise as a result of the air carrier’s failure to maintain its aircraft
  • Inadequate turnaround and flight times being allocated to the aircraft due to poor planning by the airline

Circumstances outside of the airline’s control (commonly referred to as ‘extraordinary circumstances’) will not entitle you to compensation. Comprehensive details on what qualifies as an extraordinary circumstance can be found in this helpful list from the Civil Aviation Authority.

If the flight delay is expected to go beyond a certain point, these regulations make sure the airline is obliged to offer you assistance. Anyone travelling with a non-EU based airline flying from a non-EU destination may not receive the same cover. It might be worth familiarizing yourself with the airline’s Condition of Carriage to see what compensation you could be entitled to should any issues arise. These can usually be found on the airline’s website.

Denied Boarding Regulations

If you're arriving at an EU airport and your flight is operated by an EU airline or you're departing from an EU airport on any airline, then you'll be protected by the Denied Boarding Regulations.

The Denied Boarding regulation applies if:

  • You have confirmed the booking
  • You checked in on time

Challenging the airline

If you don’t agree with an airline’s assessment of an ‘extraordinary circumstances’, for example if you are told you can’t fly due to weather conditions while other flights are departing, it could be worth stating your case for compensation. The Civil Aviation Authority can offer further assistance should you feel unfairly treated.

Protection under Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance

In the event that your departure is delayed by more than 12 hours, you decide to abandon your trip because of a delay of at least 12 hours or you miss your departure through no fault of your own, your Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance could provide a financial benefit or even cover the cost of your trip, up to the amount shown in your policy documents. This could include accommodation costs and any pre-booked excursions.

Again, conditions do apply and you’ll find the full list in section 5 of the policy documents. For example, you must get written confirmation from the airline detailing the reason for the delay and stating the scheduled and actual departure times.

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