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Troubleshooting guide

Having problems registering for online banking?

Here are some things that might have gone wrong.

Error message: Invalid credentials

Try clearing your cache and cookies and try again. Need some help doing this?  Try our guide to clearing your cache and cookies

Error message: An unexpected error occurred when checking your details

It’s likely that your browser or operating system aren’t up to date, which means our online banking won’t run properly.  You can check out our list of the best browsers and operating system versions, to find out the best ones to use. 

Not sure which browser or operating system you use?  Our guide to identifying your browser and operating system should help.

My security code isn’t being accepted

  • When you’re inputting your six digit security code, it’s best to type it in instead of copying and pasting it.
  • If you’ve gone back in the journey, to try again, then you might be putting the original code in, when the system is looking for the new one. Please wait a couple of minutes for a new code to come through and try again.