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Child Car Seat Replacement

Looking after the little ones

You can never to be too careful when it comes to keeping the kids safe – and that includes making sure their car seats are in top condition. With our car insurance, we take care of the seat if anything happens to the car.

What is car seat protection cover?

Child car seats are designed to protect your child. And the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents says they should always be replaced after an accident, even if they don’t look damaged. Car seat protection cover means you’ll have yours replaced when you claim. We include this as standard with all our car policies, but not all insurers will.

What we cover

If you have Third Party, Fire and Theft and your car is damaged by fire, theft or attempted theft, or if you have Comprehensive Cover and any of those things happen or your car is in an accident, we’ll cover the cost of replacing the child seat with a new one of a similar standard. That goes for seats that don’t even look damaged – just in case they’ve been weakened by what happened. It’s just not worth the risk.

What’s not covered

We can only accept a claim for a new child car seat if we’ve already accepted a claim for fire, theft or an accident.

Get more mileage from your policy

For fuss free motoring, we’ve got some handy extras that you can add, for an additional cost, to your policy to keep you on the road for longer –