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Car Insurance Customer Support

Car Insurance Customer Support

Windscreen cover for Third Party, Fire and Theft policies

Windscreen Cover can be added to your Third Party, Fire and Theft policy for an additional cost. It comes as standard with our Standard and Plus Comprehensive policies, so you don't need to worry about it if you have this cover.

What is Windscreen Cover?

If just your windscreen or windows are accidentally broken or damaged – enough to make you fail your MOT – our optional windscreen insurance will cover a repair or replacement.

What do we cover?

Even a small stone chip on a busy road can cause big trouble down the line. So if you add this to your policy, and the damage would make your car fail it's MOT, we'll help you fix any damage as soon as we can.

Your excess

If you make a claim and use our approved supplier to carry out the repair/replacement, you'll need to pay an excess of £50 and we'll pay the rest. If you choose to use another repairer, you'll need to pay an excess of £100. We'll then pay the next £300 of the bill – if that doesn't cover it, you'll need to pay the rest.

What's not covered?

Our Windscreen Cover doesn't include any:

  • deliberate damage or damage that happens abroad
  • glass or plastic sunroofs, glass sections of folding or removable roofs
  • glass inside the car.

Will it affect my no claims discount?

No – don't worry. Claiming for windscreen damage doesn't affect your No Claims Discount.

Standard or Plus Comprehensive?

With our Standard and Plus comprehensive policies you're already covered for windscreen damage, so you don't need this optional extra.