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Sainsbury's Bank

Thinking of tidying up your home or garden this spring? Whether it’s a new coffee table for the lounge, new pans for the kitchen or new pots for the garden, this treat could help you make the most of it. We're offering 0% interest^ on qualifying home and garden purchases when you use your Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card until 30 September 2022.

How does it work?

It's simple. Whenever you use your Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card on purchases at home and garden retailers and service providers until 30 September 2022, you'll pay 0% interest. It's the perfect opportunity to start doing all those things you've been planning over winter.

Please note supermarkets and department stores selling a wider range of products are not included in this offer - the qualifying categories are shown below:

Qualifying categories
Equipment Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores (except Appliances), Building Materials Lumber Stores, Lawn and Garden Supply Stores, Home Supply Warehouse Stores, Household Appliance Stores, Floor Covering Stores, Hardware Stores, Drapery Upholstery and Window Coverings Stores, Miscellaneous House Furnishing Specialty Shops, General Contractor/Residential & Commercial, Plumbing and Heating Equipment, Heating / Plumbing / Air Conditioning Contractors, Glass / Paint / Wallpaper Stores, Landscaping and Horticultural Services, Fireplace / Fireplace Screens and Accessories Stores, Masonry / Stonework / Tile Setting / Plastering / Insulation Contractors, Carpentry, Electrical Contractors, Furniture – Reupholstery Repair and Refinishing.

Spring to it

Offer only available from 12 April 2022 to 30 September 2022
Remember, any unpaid balance after this date will be charged at your standard rate.

Up to 3 Nectar points for every £1*

Remember that if you shop in Argos, Habitat and Sainsbury’s, you can collect up to 3 Nectar points for every £1 spent, when you pay with your Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card and scan your Nectar card or App*. You can also get 1 point for every £5 spent everywhere else.

^Interest rate

  1. If you use your Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card to pay retailers and service providers who are focused on home improvements, home furnishings, household appliances and garden supplies & landscaping between the 12 April 2022 and 30 September 2022, these purchases will be charged at 0% interest.
  2. Purchases from retailers who offer a wider range of goods, for example supermarkets and department stores, do not qualify. We'll use merchant codes to identify companies that fall into the qualifying categories - a full list of these can be found above.
  3. We may apply the standard interest rate to any transaction if in any month you do not make at least your minimum payment by the payment date or if you exceed your credit limit at any time. If you breach our conditions then the standard interest rate will apply from the breach date and your credit file may be impacted as a result.
  4. If you make a purchase, any unpaid balance after 30 September 2022 will be charged at your current standard rate thereafter.

Allocation of payments
Any payments you make will be used to first pay off amounts on which we charge the highest interest rate, then amounts at the next highest rate, and so on down to the lowest rate of interest.

If a purchase is made which takes you over your credit limit, we will charge you a fee of £12 when you exceed your credit limit. We will also charge you a fee of £12 for any late payment on your balance.

*Up to 3 Nectar points per £1 conditions

  1. You can collect points by paying with your credit card and linking your Nectar account. To become a Nectar member, visit
  2. We’ll award 2 points for each full £1 spent at Sainsbury’s, Argos, Habitat and Tu Clothing in the UK.
  3. We’ll award 1 point for each full £5 spent everywhere else. This includes Argos eBay stores, Argos Clearance stores, Argos For Business, Argos Spares, Argos Financial Services, Sainsbury’s Bank, Sainsbury’s Energy, Sainsbury’s Cafes, Sainsbury’s e-Gift Cards and any other Sainsbury’s services.
  4. We don’t award points on Travel Money purchases.
  5. On each statement, we calculate the points due on each transaction separately, then total them up and add them to your Nectar account within 60 days.
  6. You can collect additional points from Nectar partners, including up to 1 point per £1 in Sainsbury’s, Argos, Habitat and Tu Clothing, by scanning your Nectar app or using your Nectar card at the time of the transaction. You can find details of their collection rates at
  7. No cash alternative is available.
  8. We reserve the right to change or cancel this offer without notice.