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Removals insurance from Sainsbury’s Bank

Protect your valuables when moving home

Settle into your new home with removals insurance

Moving is stressful enough without worrying about whether your possessions will make it to your new home in one piece. That’s why we include cover for your belongings when you’re moving house as standard with our contents insurance.

What is household removal insurance?

Insurance for removals, also known as mover’s or moving house insurance, protects your furniture, family heirlooms and furnishings from loss and damage while you move home. By investing in insurance that covers removals you can protect your belongings as they’re packed, loaded and taken from one location to another.

Relocating can be daunting as you have to account for the safety of all your possessions, from the family sofa to your electronics. If you’re putting any items in storage, you want to make sure they’re covered too.

Planning is essential to a successful move and it’s a good idea to make sure that protecting your belongings from breakage and theft is on your to-do list. Insuring your contents for removals could help cover you for losses, minimising the amount coming out of your own pocket to replace things.

As long as you’re using an approved UK moving company to transport your valuables, removals insurance can go a long way toward protecting your belongings.

What’s covered?

Sainsbury's Bank Contents Cover can help protect your belongings against loss and damage caused by:

  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Vandalism and malicious acts
  • Escape of water or oil
  • A crash with another vehicle
  • Fire and explosion
  • Lightning, storm, flood and earthquake

Our insurance for removals aims to cover you when settling into your new home. For further details about our contents insurance for moving house, take a look at our policy information.

What’s not covered?

Although we make every effort to offer a policy that suits you perfectly, there are certain things that aren’t covered by our home insurance when moving house, such as:

  • Any valuables or money lost, damaged or stolen in the move
  • Damage to things like china, glass and other fragile items – unless you've had them professionally packed
  • Bikes
  • Documents and data (hard copies or digitally-stored)
  • Temporary storage of items by the mover for more than 72 hours

Our policy information provides more details about restrictions to our contents cover.


Things to consider

While covered by removal insurance, there are still some things you should consider. As careful as you are with your belongings at home, they’re at risk of theft and damage when being packed away and transported. Whether it’s water damage from bad weather or boxes breaking in the back of your moving van, your removal insurance needs to cover all kinds of variables.

DIY moves aren’t covered by our standard policy so ensure you use a professional mover to get your belongings from A to B. Although this will incur an additional expense, it’s better to be safe when considering the potential cost of replacing expensive items.

You may want to use a firm registered with The British Association of Removers (BAR). Their online Find a Remover tool can help you locate registered companies in your area.

To remain covered, you’ll also need to update your property information with us, as your new home and location could affect your premiums.

Some expensive items may not be covered by standard household goods insurance. Check your policy and make sure you have removal insurance cover for all valuables that need it. And keep in mind that cover limits, exclusions and excesses apply. Find out more about what’s covered and what’s not in our policy documents.

For more helpful tips on how to plan a seamless move, check out our guide to moving home.

Furnish your moving home insurance with our optional extras

You want to give your belongings the proper care and attention they deserve when packing. Now you've laid the foundations with our standard cover, for an extra cost you can give your treasured possessions even more protection.

Even if you’re planning on bubble-wrapping every item, you should consider adding accidental damage cover to your house removal insurance policy. This can help minimise any unexpected expenses if a box is dropped on the move. We also offer: 

  • Key cover – to help get replacement locks and keys, as well as access to a nationwide network of locksmiths, if you're locked out
  • Family legal protection – to help cover your costs if you have to go to court for a private legal dispute
  • Home emergency cover – could cover you for repairs to things like a burst pipe or a gas leak
  • Personal possessions cover –  to help protect items like your mobile phone and gadgets in and outside your home. This also includes bike cover away from home
  • Extra Accidental Damage Cover – for contents and buildings insurance, to help cover things like a paint spill on your new carpet or accidentally putting your foot through the attic floor
  • Excess cover – meaning you could get a refund on the total excess you had to pay, when you make an eligible claim

Get your removal insurance online quote

We know moving house can be difficult and the process can be costly. 
Our home contents cover includes protection for your belongings during a move, so you’ve no need to purchase another policy.


Find the right policy for you

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Our buildings insurance helps protects your property and the structure of your home, from windows and doors, to the roof and permanent fittings

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For hints and tips on all things home insurance, check out our guides. Covering everything from creating a greener home to a glossary of terms. 


Any questions?

Please take a look at the frequently asked questions on our home and buildings insurance.