Special events cover

Special events cover from Sainsbury's Bank offers a 10% increase in the amount you're insured up to and during the period of a special event, such as a wedding or civil partnerships, a religious festival and a birth. This cover is included with both levels of Sainsbury’s contents insurance.

That means you can mark the occasion with special gifts and enjoy lots of great food and drink together, without worrying about whethern any extra items in your home will be covered under your policy.

Religious festivals

Sainsbury’s contents insurance can cover any gifts and extra food and drink that you buy for a religious festival such as Christmas, Hanukkah and Easter.

An additional 10% of the contents sum insured shown in your schedule will be added and the extra cover will begin 30 days before and finish 30 days after the religious festival.

Wedding and civil partnership gifts

During the four weeks before and after your wedding day or civil partnership ceremony, the contents sum insured shown in your schedule will increase by an extra 10%.


All babies are extra special which is why they deserve extra special gifts. The contents sum insured shown in your schedule will be increased by an additional 10% for the period starting 30 days before and finishing 30 days after the birth.

For any of the above to apply, the event must take place within the period of insurance shown in your schedule.

Talking with your insurer

Unsure about the time limits under the period of cover? It’s always good to understand your Sainsbury’s home insurance policy. You’ll find the policy booklets on the website, or you can call 0800 260 0717 for more information.

A tip for protecting your home during special events

Special events often coincide with national holidays when rubbish collection can be less frequent. If you have bought expensive gifts, make sure you don’t leave empty boxes sitting outside for collection for too long because it can let burglars know what’s inside your home. Discover more about home security tips in our handy guide.

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