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Visual guide to buying a new car

By Money Matters Team 20/07/2015

In the market for a new car? Our buying a new car guide looks at electric and hybrid options, how to research and find the right car for you.

Thinking of buying a new or nearly new car? Not sure what to consider? Our buying a new car visual guide simplifies the process for you and offers some useful information on benefits of new and nearly new cars and where to find them.

Visual guide to buying a new car

For further information, check out our guide to buying a car.

Still trying to decide if a used car might be the best option? Check out our buying a used car visual guide.

Whether you choose a new or used car, maintaining it is important to keep it safe and reliable - our guide to car maintenance covers you for the basics.

For more helpful car advice, take a look at our car insurance tools and guides page.

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